Wedding Shoot: Kat and Matt

We’d never heard of the Lord Bute Hotel & Restaurant in Christchurch before Kat and Matt got in touch to enquire whether we’d be able to photograph their wedding. Which is very strange considering it’s only about a 15-minute drive from our house. With its sprawling suites and plenty of luxurious places to take bridal preps and run riot even if it rains it proved to be a fantastic locationĀ  and run exceptionally well by their wedding co-ordinator, the jovial and very helpful Chris. When we met up with Kat and Matt for this wedding prep on autumny Sunday morning we also got a whiff our their award-winning roast dinners and it smelt amazing!

We really had the run of the place when it came to the bridal preparations. Stretched out between three different suites including a mini two-floor house and the biggest honeymoon suite we’ve ever seen in our lives it offered up loads of lovely locations.

Kat had quite a troop helping her out with all the essential preps.

With Mum close at hand to help out…

Kat weirdly lost her original shoes which she was looking forward to showing off :( Those pesky wedding pixies must have been doing the rounds. However, these sparkly numbers looked the business, especially on Dairy Milk bed linen.

Kat and Matt’s friend, Zoe did a great job of the bouquets and table settings.

Getting the dress on…

The reaction to Kat’s new Pandora bracelet which Matt left for her that morning…

The lovely bridesmaids…

A proud Mum…

Our ‘Freemans Catalogue’ attempt may have just given us a new Big Bouquet cover girl!

Introducing Matt, the Groom who arrived in rather swish fashion in a Lambourghini.

A slightly more antique mode of transport for the Bride and her Dad.

The ceremony took place at St Saviour’s church in Brockenhurst. Other than the Bride’s entrance we weren’t allowed to take any photographs during the service. It was a lovely, emotional ceremony (but you’re just going to have to take our word for it). Skip to the confetti…

After some family shots we made our way back to the Lord Bute, stopping along the Burley Road in the New Forest for some sneaky location shots.

This next one may possibly be a bit too ‘Hello’ magazine, but we had to show off that lovely, light honeymoon suite.

The reception room had already been kitted up earlier in the day. Doesn’t it look lovely? (Kat presented us with one of these bowls when it was time to go home so it’s sitting pride of place on our living room table at the moment!)

The table plan had a cocktail theme!

There wasn’t a set menu. The guests got to choose from a number of mouth-watering dishes.

To help with the nerves, the speeches took place before the meal.

There was plenty of storytelling and teasing going on, much to the embarrassment of the Bride.

Or maybe not…

Food dishing out we left everyone to it to enjoy their meals.. We very much hope to go back to the Lord Bute soon. It was a brilliant venue with a very relaxed and stylish atmosphere. Thanks for letting us be part of your day, Mr and Mrs Warner!

– E

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