Wedding Shoot: Emma and Guy

You know you’re in for a fun day when the bride greets you to the venue with a cup of a tea and a huge box of homemade shortbread. Chaffeymoor Grange, a Dorset Stone Manor House in Bourton, Gillingham has one of the most unique set-ups we’ve seen for a wedding venue. Couples get to hire out the whole house, kitchen included, so weddings there always have a real house party feel. The party’s very much in charge of what they want to do and when they want to do it. When Emma and Guy asked if we’d be free to shoot their special day we were so excited to go back.

During our consultations Emma let slip their wedding would have a very autumnal feel, with lots of creams and browns she brought an extra sparkle to the ocassion with plenty of beautiful handmade elements. I reckon she ought to set up shop on Etsy, not only does she made cracking button, bead and brooch bouquets…

But she can whip up a fine bridal tiara too…

With so many rooms to have a run of upstairs, all hired out by the wedding party, there’s loads of space at Chaffeymoor to get ready. With the Groom also staying on the same floor in the morning though, a lot of extra care is needed to make sure you don’t bump into each other.

The popular solution is to send the boys down the pub. Meet Guy (fourth ale from the left).

Errr… I don’t know what he’s talking about.

But it looks big!

Back at the more sedate Chaffeymoor Bridal and Bridesmaid preps were well underway.

Mum’s done.

The lovely Maggie Sottero dress.

Men back in the building, the wedding took place downstairs. Guy looks pretty nervous and excited, but the Best (Wo)Man, Caroline was never far away to offer her support.

The ceremony was a very intimate affair with loads of lovely readings…

Including an excellent short story by Bridesmaid, Zara.

As well as a good public speaker, Zara also made for a wonderful ring-bearer.

The grounds at Chaffeymoor are huge and very stunning. They were looking very Autumnal, fitting in very nice with the colour theme.

Letting off steam after the wedding…

Or maybe it’s the colouring.

Seriously, The. Best. Table Settings. Ever. My jaw dropped when I walked into the room it looks so cosy and wintery.

It made for a very cosy atmosphere during the speeches.

Meanwhile, next door in the kitchen things were underway to get things ready for grub time. These ladies were excellent, skilled and efficient they prove to the likes of Gordon Ramsay you don’t need to make a fuss keep things moving.

Emma and Guy were kind enough to organise a meal for us too (in our very own cute kitchen with log fire). So I can tell you first hand these cinnamon meringues with hot spiced apple and blackberries were out of this world!

Food in tummies and coffee rolled out it was time for some evening entertainment .

The ladies from Enigma gave it their all throughout the day with perfect harmony.

It was getting a bit windy out there, but the rain had held off so guests were given the OK to start writing messages on the sky lanterns.

It looks quite calm here but those things are pretty scary when you have your eye to a camera and you don’t notice one coming full belt at you. A couple got caught in Chaffeymoor’s trees. It was a bit hairy!

It was also very dark by this time.

Back in the warm for the First Dance and the start of the evening disco (we’re glad to hear things got better tune-wise, Emma 😉

With everyone happy, sipping their drinks and enjoying the cosy rooms and the party we made our way back home. A top-notch day was had by all.

Posted with thanks and congratulations to Mr & Mrs Court.

Thanks also to venue owners Lindsay & Rik Elvidge.

Emma – BB

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13 comments on “Wedding Shoot: Emma and Guy

  • greg

    Lovely Images Emma – love the atmosphere adn the lantern release images

  • Peter Lawson

    What a beautiful wedding, the hand made details are stunning. The pictures really capture the atmosphere of the day and are just generally awesome 🙂

  • Chris MacKenzie

    Emma these are gorgeous. So much detail and and differing emotion going out through out the day. Was the conversation in the bar abut cakes ?

  • Ros Perrin

    Congratulations Emma! Your day looked truly special!! Mwah big kiss x

  • Guy and Emma

    Thank you so much Emma and Ian, you’ve captured the story of our day so beautifully – we couldn’t ask for more.
    Lots of heartfelt thanks and very best wishes to you both in your married life.

    Mr and Mrs Court

  • Sharon Rayner

    Perfect pictures of a perfect day.

  • Rob Manser

    Looks like a great wedding and some fantastic photos too 🙂 Congratulations to both of you.

  • Mum

    Absolutely Fabulous !

  • Phillip Allen

    There’s fantastic emotional warmth in these images, which is perhaps no surprise when the couple are so evidently warm hearted themselves and they’ve chosen the right photographers to reflect that. Looking through them I feel as though I’m there, both visually and in terms of the moods of the day. Superb work (and that’s *the* best ‘people jumping at a wedding shot’ … ever!)

  • Geoff Court

    Congratulations brother you have captured the essence of a wedding, A beautiful Bride and Fantastic Photo’s, and I will give you 2 tips, Live each day as if it were your last and each night as if it were your first and let Emma know who’s Boss right from the start….. There’s no point trying to fool yourself.

  • Sandra King

    How I have enjoyed looking at these – you look so well suited. Beautiful pictures & Guy, you should have a constant grin on your face! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Court.

  • Victoria and Paul

    Emma your day looks truly magnificent.Stunning!Looking forward to seeing you both at Christmas time!!Bring all the pics!!! xx

  • The Gill Family

    Wow what beautiful photos. Guy did you ever stop smiling!!!
    Zara looks absolutely wonderful it brought a tear to Helen’s eye.

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