Wedding Shoot: Amy and Geoff

We’d been waiting to shoot Amy and Geoff’s wedding for well over a year so it was exciting to get our kit packed and make our way over to Wimborne for a very early bridal prep shoot. When we first met up with A&G for their consultation Amy told us how excited she was to be able to walk from the hotel she was staying in, through the town to the Minster. She said she’d prefer to have shots start after she’d done make-up and hair so by the time I got there and left Ian to go and meet Geoff outside the church everyone was well into the swing of things.

Her bouquet was beautiful. Complete with little stars and what we decided were ‘marshmallow flowers’.

And starfish earrings! More of them later… I absolutely loved them.

The ‘walk’ was really fun. As it was Saturday morning there were lots of onlookers. Doesn’t Dad look proud?

Wimborne Minster is a lovely big venue, so I needed a bit of time to run round to the other entrance. The vicar was very laid back though and it wasn’t a problem hiding up the front.

Geoff and his Best Man looking suitably excited…

It was a lovely ceremony and although the Minster seats loads, Amy and Geoff’s family and friends did a pretty good job of filling it up.

The lovely Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour did a great job of helping Amy out throughout the day.

A quick kiss before the congregation gathered. Then it was time for the family shots.

After that we made our way over to the Sandbanks Hotel in Poole. We were so SO lucky with the weather. As the hotel looks over Shore Road beach and the reception room had glass on all sides the day would have had a completely different feel if it had been cloudy. As it was, the day had a real ‘holiday’ feel about it. The fact Amy and Geoff decided on a seaside theme for their reception really helped.

I did wonder if anyone would notice if we tucked into the desserts. I think the waitresses could see my train of thought though and didn’t leave them unattended (of course, I would never do that really)

But they did look gooood…

From the Sandbanks Hotel you can stand and look over to the Purbecks and Swanage. That day the Swanage Carnival was taking place along with a display from the Red Arrows. When I found out Amy and Geoff’s wedding was on the same day I got a little excited with the idea of shooting them underneath the infamous Red Arrow ‘heart’. Great in theory, but of course in practice, the Reds were just that little bit too far away. Not only that, but as we were looking at it side on the heart was a bit ‘wonky’. Still, everyone really enjoyed watching the display.

After they flew off everyone settled in for the speeches.

Geoff wrote a poem. It was very funny (if a little rude in parts!)…

Laughs all round…

It was getting on a bit in the day by that time, but that meant most of the beach had cleared, so we had lots of space to play.

Told you I liked those earrings!

It was all a bit Saint Tropez down there…

Of course, on the Poole Harbour side we had a cracking sunset going on, but it was really windy!

Giving the couple some time to freshen up for their evening do we had loads of time to watch the Balloon Man entertain the evening guests. He was brilliant!

Ghostbusters and Dinosaur

Butterfly Queen and Ladybird

First Dance time! I love the fact Geoff got changed for the evening, along with lots of guests in their Hawaiian shirts. It was a great end to a brilliant day.

So we left the guys to it to enjoy the rest of their evening. Just one more shot though before we drove away… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a boring Sandbanks sunset.

Enjoy your honeymoon guys, when it comes round and thank you for letting us be a part of your day 🙂 – E

This is the last wedding we’re doing for a while. As we’ll be getting married ourselves soon we decided to block a few weekends off so we could spend some time sorting our own day and clearing off all our album and book designs before our honeymoon. We do have some lovely Autumn and Winter weddings coming up as well as some real corkers for 2010 which we’re looking forward to very much.

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4 comments on “Wedding Shoot: Amy and Geoff

  • Phillip Allen

    Such a lovely, happy, vibrant set of images (yet again). It went all Marks & Spencer food advert on me part way through; leaves my mouth watering! :~) You showed great discipline in photographing it all rather than eating it.

  • Peter Lawson

    Brilliant set of images. Loving the deck chairs image – that would make a brilliant canvas for their wall!

  • Amy and Geoff

    Hey Emma thank you so much for being a great photographer. The piccies we have seen so far are really fab we love them all 🙂 can’t wait to see the rest of them. We have a space ready for the deck chair image on our wall! 😉 xx

  • Teresa (Maid of Honour) Salmon

    WOW!!!!! You are good! I absolutely love the photos, Amy looks gorgeous and Geoff rugged!!!! You have done a fab job and managed to contain the Davis / Catford rabble. A special well done for the lovely photo of Daniel and his beloved dinosaur who has sadly now deflated!!!!

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