Wedding Prep Shoot: Lisa and Phil

Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted about how happy we were to hear that the lovely boutique hotel in Bournemouth – The Orchid had managed to escape closure, and that we were due to shoot there in June? Well, this weekend we wandered over there for our wedding prep with Lisa and Phil. It’s such a wonderful place and we’re so pleased we’re going to get a chance to spend the day there very soon.

Weather permitting, Lisa and Phil’s wedding ceremony will be taken place in the hotel’s courtyard, which is where we took these quick Head&Shoulders shots. There’s an indoor ceremony room too if the sun isn’t feeling particularly perky and we were blown away by how stunning the afternoon reception room and honeymoon suite is. It really does feel like you’ve whisked yourself away to the Far East and it was difficult to remember we were still in Bournemouth.

Here are a couple of shots from our Sunday Morning recce:

Emma – BB

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