Wedding Prep Shoot: Kat and Matt

On a lovely, crisp sunny Sunday morning we met up with Kat and Matt whose wedding we’re shooting at the end of October. First of all there’s going to be a grand church ceremony at St Saviours in Brockenhurst, we’ll be treated to a drive through the New Forest and the reception will be held at the Lord Bute in Christchurch.

Although it’s so close to home, we’ve never shot at the Lord Bute before (I’m ashamed to say I’d never even heard of it!) and we’re in for a treat with some brilliant interiors, including motel-style mini houses for the bridal preps and some couple shots. It’s brilliant there.

And to the random lady we encountered during our recce who commented we were in a “very strange place to be taking photos”. It’s all about the context, Mrs.

We’re looking forward to your sunny, happy day, guys!

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2 comments on “Wedding Prep Shoot: Kat and Matt

  • Peter Lawson

    There’s a lot of love here! Such lovely light and processing too.

  • Phillip Allen

    If this is what you’re getting from a prep shoot the wedding day photos themselves are going to need a new map to sit on :~) There’s magic in this couple, in the light and beyond that gate.

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