Wedding Prep Shoot: Emma and Guy

For the first of our two wedding preps this weekend we made our way over to the Bourton in Dorset back to the lovely Chaffeymoor Grange. We did our first shoot here almost a year ago for the wedding of Zina and Chris from Australia where we were blown away by the beautiful house, the chilled house-party atmosphere and the fact we had access to the open kitchen to make ourselves a cup of tea. An excellent set up.

We love it so much there we are so excited to be going back from Emma and Guy’s wedding and it’s just as great as we remembered. We spent a little time getting familiar with the rooms and the grounds with Emma and Guy and just generally catching up with the ins and outs of the day. The Grange is available for house parties and the staff were busy making sure everything was perfect for a group that were arriving so we didn’t have long to hang around, but we managed a quick shoot of the happy couple before we headed back.

Fingers crossed we have lovely weather that weekend to make the most of the open landscape and play around with the Autumn sunset.

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2 comments on “Wedding Prep Shoot: Emma and Guy

  • Phillip Allen

    I must admit to being excited to see so much new activity on the Big Bouquet blog. It’s as though autumn is springtime for wedding photography. Emma and Guy look like a lovely laid back couple to work with; I’m looking forward to seeing the feature on their wedding day itself!

  • Em & Guy

    yay!! we’re not the most photogenic creatures on the planet and are sooo pleased we have you taking our pictures and that you’re such nice people to have at our wedding. We can’t wait!

    Guy & Emma

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