Ali & Gary’s Civil Wedding at Northbrook Park, Surrey – Day Two

Following on from a Hindu Wedding Ceremony – Day One

A Hindu Ceremony starts early but also finishes quite early in the day. So after the end of Day One everyone was able to relax in their cottages with family and friends and get a good night’s kip before it was time to do it all over again.

So… Day Two – The Civil Ceremony. We arrived back at Northbrook Park to the sound of the fire alarms going off, triggered by burnt sausages. Already this day had a very different vibe! The weather was pretty dismal all day, but the chances of lucking out on two sunny days the way things are at the moment would have been pretty phenomenal.

It really did feel like everyone had started afresh. There was a renewed level of excitement seeing everyone in their new frocks and as the ceremony rooms were switched around it really felt like we were somewhere new.

Here are some of our favourites from Ali and Gary’s second wedding day:

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2 comments on “Ali & Gary’s Civil Wedding at Northbrook Park, Surrey – Day Two

  • Chris Snowden

    Wow, your work is amazing. Some fantastic pictures on here

  • Robert Sail

    Hello, You have some lovely wedding photos here. Some great story telling images. I like the one of the bride getting ready from above, on the bed.



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