Lisa and Mark’s Wedding at Winslowe House

In the run up to Lisa and Mark’s wedding at Winslowe House there were some intensive decoration preparations. Having had to sew up just a few metres of bunting for our wedding I didn’t envy the job of accurately measuring up and putting together a whole marquee’s worth – when we turned up on the day and stuck our heads into the tent we could straight away it had all been worth it.

The wedding was very relaxed and cosy, with the ceremony room packed full with close family and friends. Tucked into the countryside on the outskirts of Southampton the mansion is a lived-in property which licenses out its front room and garden for a maximum of 60 day guests.

Guests gathered on the driveway of the house just before the wedding and it’s here we met up with Mark for the first time that day. We weren’t needed to shoot any bridal preps so we’d spent a bit of luxury time shooting table settings in the morning.

When word got round Lisa had arrived on site with her bridesmaids everyone was allowed to pile in to the house’s front room for the ceremony.

Although technically in Southampton, the house is in the area for Winchester Registry Office.… Read Full Post