Jenna & Gary’s Wedding at St Michael’s and All Angels Church & The New Mill

A few weeks ago we headed over to Eversley for Jenna and Gary’s wedding. They got hitched in a very pretty little church called St Michael’s and All Angels Church, with a reception held at The New Mill.

First of all Ian and I spent the morning with both the bride and the groom. We both got looked after so well and both Jenna and Gary’s parents were perfect hosts, happy for their homes to be completely taken over. I even got offered a stack load of sausage rolls!

Meanwhile, with the boys…

Jenna’s Dad wanted a couple of shots of him and the bride-to-be on his motorbike.

Gary had written a poem for Jenna which he read out at the end of the ceremony.

A surprise post-ceremony dog appearance! Oh, how I love a dog at a wedding. Especially when they come kitted up with a big pink bow!

The Driver had suggested he may try and drive the vintage car through a Ford. However, considering the water was deep enough to freak out a couple of horses (they weren’t going anywhere), this idea was soon ditched.

There’s lots of lovely green space at The New Mill and it was a pretty hot day so that shade was welcome.… Read Full Post