Laura & Chris’ Wedding at Iford Church, Lewes and The Ginger Dog, Brighton

It’s difficult enough planning a wedding day in just under four months, let alone if you’re spending those months travelling around the world. Laura and Chris proved it can be done with their intimate wedding in Lewes and Brighton last weekend.

Not only did they manage to secure a very pretty church, they sorted the cosy Ginger Dog in Kemptown as their reception venue and managed to get a dress custom-made. They even gathered their family and friends from wide and far, with plenty of guests over from America.

The weather had most definitely turned since the last time we met up in Brighton. We stayed over the night before, driving through the awful storm we’ve just had. Luckily, it wasn’t so bad the next day, but everyone was thankful for the open fire and the warmth of a pub once the sun went down.

To start the day, I met up with Laura and a few of her pals at The Lanes Health and Beauty as they prepared for the day with pre-wedding pedicures and manicures before they got ready at Laura’s Mum and Dad’s holiday apartment.

We were a bit of an advert for AirBnB that day. Ian and I had sorted our own digs that night (a lovely B&B room – if you need a bed to kip in near Brighton we thoroughly recommend this place).… Read Full Post