Nicola & Martin’s Wedding at Highcliffe Castle

Nicola and Martin’s Mid-Week Wedding took place in Christchurch, Dorset with a ceremony and reception at Highcliffe Castle.

First of all, both the bride and groom stayed over at the Lord Bute in Highcliffe with Nicola and her bridesmaids having the luxury of getting ready in their amazingly spacious Bridal Suite. Morning preps were taken care of by the expert hair and make-up styling of Laura Mackenzie and Tara Sanger.

We managed to get through a whole day without rain but it was a very blustery day – we almost got blown away on the beach and had to abandon our shoot down there for fear of ending up on the Isle of Wight, instead taking shelter around the castle grounds.

There were some pretty details throughout the day with the wedding taking on a bit of a literary theme. We were very impressed by the brilliant cake rustled up by Nicola’s Dad. Although I got a bit stressed playing the Wed-Libs game dotted around the tables… I realised I needed to swot up on my Verbs, Adjectives and Nouns. The shame.

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Sam and Milly’s Wedding at Highcliffe Castle

Milly and Sam got married a few weeks ago at Highcliffe Castle near Christchurch.

Things started in the morning with Milly getting ready at her parent’s house where there was plenty of time to practice vows, walking down the aisle (in pyjamas) and ceremony songs.

The ceremony took place later on in the afternoon which gave Sam the opportunity to head to the beach in the morning for a bit of R&R before getting ready near the Castle.

Milly and Sam kept things nice and relaxed so guests could enjoy spending the day exploring the grounds and enjoying the company.

One of the main criteria for choosing the venue was the chance to get down to the beach at some point during the wedding day. The weather was a tad grey but we were so thankful it stayed dry so we could do this and the Bridal Party headed down with them too to enjoy a refreshing paddle.

Here are some photos from their day…

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