Rebecca & Adam’s Wedding at St Peter’s Church & Cafe Shore, Poole

There’s so much to say about Rebecca and Adam’s wedding. They kindly sent us an entire information pack for their day full of amazing, self-designed paperwork from the Order of Service to the Invites and even the menu. So, not only do I know how much the car parking is in Ashley Cross in Parkstone (30p per hour – bargain!). I also know there was a choice for the starters – Beef Carpaccio or Salmon ‘Tiradito’.

These two worked so hard to make sure their day was full of extra special, personal details – making the most of their design skills. There was a little hint of edgy Mexican detailing with some Dia De Los Muertos-themed graphics dotted here and there and the best cake toppers we’ve even seen. This was all right up our street!

It was the most beautiful day ever to get married. We’ve not seen a day as peaceful, still and sunny as that in a long time. And with a panoramic view of Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island all day Lady Luck was certainly shining on them. There’s quite a lot of landscape shots in this blog. I just couldn’t get over how amazing the sky was all day – the clouds were like feathers!… Read Full Post

Carly and Nick’s Wedding at Cafe Shore, Poole – Part One

Carly and Nick got married at the very distinctive and chic Cafe Shore in Sandbanks, Poole. It’s a restaurant and bar with beautiful views of Poole Harbour and Brownsea. I think it’s a pretty unbeatable vista to glance over when you’re actually standing there… getting married.

The day started with me making my way over to Carly’s parents house for the bridal preps. By all accounts things started off a little bit later in the morning for Nick, with a quick dressing and then drinks whilst catching up on “Helicopter Heroes”.

I love looking through the shots we end up with after a wedding. The clocks on mine and Ian’s cameras are always synced and it never fails to make me chuckle when I see Groom’s nervously pacing at the ceremony venue and the bride’s still got her jammies on.

On with the preps and ceremony…

Carly and Nick’s Wedding Reception continues in Part TwoRead Full Post

Carly and Nick’s Wedding at Cafe Shore, Poole – Part Two

Carrying on from Part One

As the nights were drawing in and it would be getting dark during the wedding breakfast we made our way over the road to the beach to take some portraits soon after the ceremony.

Actually, most of Carly and Nick’s friends came along for the ride too. Thanks to several members of the wedding party who helped carry bridal shoes and bouquets with such finesse.

After the meal we headed out onto Cafe Shore’s terrace to play around with a bit of light-scribing while the venue was set up for the evening. We soon found out it’s a lot easier to draw shapes than right backwards words (especially after the wedding breakfast and champagne toasts). I’m still have trouble deciphering a lot of the messages, but the thought was there! Posted with thanks and congratulations to Carly and Nick xRead Full Post

The Wedding of Helen and Chris at Cafe Shore, Sandbanks

First of all I should probably make a public apology to Ian for telling him to run back up to our house just as we were leaving for Helen and Chris’ wedding at Cafe Shore in Sandbanks to go and put a tie on. It was a very, very hot day you see and we’ve always said it’s more important for us to be comfortable so we can concentrate on doing our job and being able to move around easily rather than being dolled up to the nines and suffering the consequences. I probably should have known better. I knew how laid back Helen and Chris wanted their day to be and no sooner had we got out of our car we spotted Chris, the Groom and Graham the Best Man looking extremely stylish but sans tie. Sorry Ian!

Cafe Shore is a lovely, modern, tasteful wedding venue and was closed off for the whole day and night from the public so all the guests had full reign of the joint. There are loads of little nooks and crannies, bold colours and gorgeous furniture not to mention an unspoilt view of Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island.

With all the guests seated Helen’s Mum kept an eye out for the bridal Hackney Carriage.… Read Full Post