Steph and Tom’s Wedding at Athelhampton House, Dorchester

Steph and Tom got married at the stately Athelhampton House near Dorchester, after making their way from where they both got ready in Poole.

Things kicked off for me at Steph and Tom’s house where the girls were pampered with hair and make-up while Ian met up with the boys. The bridal party were picked up in a bright VW Campervan and Convertible. Steph’s dad is a massive Beach Boys fan so as a bonus we revved our way along to a suitably fitting, surfy soundtrack.

The attention to detail when it comes to service at Athelhampton is superb, with wedding co-ordinator Laura Dean doing a brilliant job of running a tight ship whilst keeping things relaxed and friendly. Steph and Tom were so thoughtful in treating us to a slap-up, three-course meal on our break – the food was so delicious. It still makes me laugh that Tom asked for his dessert to consist of three apple crumbles rather than the standard selection. If you can’t make dessert demands on your Wedding Day, when can you? Personally I would have asked for three of all three.

The grounds of Athelhampton are absolutely huge so guests had a fine time wandering around and exploring little nooks and crannies.… Read Full Post

The Wedding of Jessica and Andy at Athelhampton House – Part One

Jessica’s parents had put together the most mouthwatering breakfast buffet ready for the bridal preps at their home. There were cream buns, profiteroles, marshmallows, sausages, jellies, sushi and dips. From the word “go” it was like walking in on a party. This set the scene for the entire wedding day at Athelhampton House – one big party.

When I first arrived the girls weren’t back from the hairdressers yet so I savoured some quiet time to snap up all the pretty details from the day. It was a calming influence photographing Jessica’s shoes next to the garden wind-chimes, helped along by a generous serving of Peppermint tea. If I’m ever asked to put together a rider for times like these I’ll add wind-chimes, tea and marshmallows again.

Andy had left a surprise gift of pretty earrings for Jessica which worked so well with her dress and very lovely full-length veil. Incidentally, Jessica’s Dad had been kept from taking a peek at the dress before the wedding day so there was a special moment for him too.

There were two things on Jessica’s mind that morning; all the usual bridal worries like getting the make-up right and the dress on, and keeping an eye on the Grand Prix qualifying.… Read Full Post

The Wedding of Jessica and Andy at Athelhampton House – Part Two

Following on from Part One of Jessica and Andy’s Wedding at Athelhampton House, the guests tucked in to their meal leaving the speeches for desserts. Thanks to Jessica and Andy for treating us to our own private dining experience!

As we were eating and taking our break the Best Man cheekily rushed passed us waving Andy’s speech notes in his hand which he had stolen from the his jacket pocket. Ever the organised pro, however, Andy had distributed a back-up copy to a trusted guest. Tee hee. Needless to say, the speeches were lively and full of banter.

The Best Man’s speech ended just in time for us to catch the last glimpses of daylight so we took a dusk-lit tour to capture some portraits of Jessica and Andy, then left them to enjoy their evening entertainment.

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