Our Holiday to Ubud

We were lucky enough to return home from our holiday in Ubud in Bali, Indonesia last week. We’ve been back a whole week and I’m still struggling to stick to UK time and regularly falling asleep at 7 or 8 o’clock and then up long before dawn.

A gruelling 36-hour journey home knocked us for six and it’s taken this long to even glance through the photos that were taken.

We decided to stay in Ubud as wanted something a little different from Bali than the beach resorts. A few years ago we headed over to Cambodia to stay in Siem Reap and although everyone said we were nuts for not exploring any further, we found ourselves filling each and every day with a trip.

I’m really glad we didn’t put together too exhausting an itinerary. I’m not sure if we’re just wusses or the weather was exceptionally humid. but even the most tame of activities left us absolutely exhausted. In fairness, many locals also said they were struggling and finding it hard to sleep. I also found it hard to get far on the crochet I took out with me as the fibres of the wool kept sticking together and tangling up (yarn nightmare!). It’s no wonder they stick to making lace over there.

The weather was very, very hot for the duration of our stay with only a couple of hours of relief of rain whilst we were there. Though the rumble of distant thunder ended up being a soundtrack to our stay. It wasn’t the kind of heat where you feel the need to laze by the pool. It was the kind where you have to keep getting changed after half an hour because even your lightest items of clothing are dripping. It didn’t help then we made the small mistake of booking some accommodation without air-conditioning (or walls). Schoolboy error.

Because of this, and the practicalities of the camera lens constantly steaming up and extra bag and camera straps being unbearable, we didn’t take as many photos as I’d like. We even forgot to take one photo of ourselves together over there. Durrrr! In retrospect, we were probably preoccupied with carrying huge bottles or water, trying not to fall off our bikes cycling down volcanoes, swatting mosquitoes or generally feeling icky. I’m already regretting that. We’ll just have to go back again later on in life.

Despite the practicalities of coping with the weather, we had some very lovely days exploring the island.

The main thing we brought back from there (apart from “Bali Belly”) was how open, friendly and inquisitive the folk there were. Every day we found ourselves chatting to locals who wanted to let us know how proud they were of where they lived. The Bali Pride and community spirit really did blow me away. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so safe and looked after so far away from home. They were also intrigued to hear about where we were from too. Though we’ve shattered numerous illusions that it snows every Winter’s day in the UK. Everyone was so disappointed!

Here are some photos from our time away…

Our Holiday to Ubud Personal
Our Holiday to Ubud Personal
Our Holiday to Ubud Personal
Our Holiday to Ubud Personal
Our Holiday to Ubud Personal
Our Holiday to Ubud Personal
Our Holiday to Ubud Personal
Our Holiday to Ubud Personal
Our Holiday to Ubud Personal
Our Holiday to Ubud Personal

Some highlights were:
A day’s cycling through the rice fields with Bali Eco Tours
Barong and Legong Evening Dances at Jl. Monkey Forest and Ubud Palace
Amazing burgers at Kebun Bistro
Great Indonesian cuisine (albeit with extra mosquito bites) at Ibu Rai
Wandering around the house of dreams at Sharma Springs
Sheltering from the rain and accidentally taking photos of a funeral (they were waving, smiling and dancing.. how was I to know?!) at Seniman Coffee
Stumbling on a dedicated crochet shop – ‘Nu Crochet‘ on Jl. Hanoman
Afternoon tea at Alaya Ubud

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3 comments on “Our Holiday to Ubud

  • Lucy Bruns

    Ha ha…I spat my tea out laughing at the thought of you accidentally taking photos of a funeral! Bali looks beautiful x

    • Emma

      Yeah, right! I only realised when reviewing my shots and noticed the feet sticking out 😉 Their funerals are VERY different to ours. It felt like a festival as it was a big celebration.

  • Angela

    Looks fantastic. Although as I cease to function above 75F I might visit at a different time of year.

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