The A-Z of Adventure Days

For a long time we’ve needed some inspiration for things to do on our days off that doesn’t involve us splashing too much cash, going to the same old haunts time and time again and doing the same things (brunch, cake and coffee come up way too often). We recently read this brilliant article from guest blogger, Martha on Florence Finds on the topic of “Alphabet Dating”. In a nutshell, as inspiration for day trips and nights out you and your partner work through from A-Z, using the letters as a guide. Personally, I’m not a fan of the term “Date Night”… I don’t live in an 80s John Hughes’ America (although I wish I did sometimes). We really just needed a helping hand in finding new and exciting things to do that would get us out of the house. So, we’ve simply dubbed our A-Z “Adventure Days”.

We’ve only just started this, so I’m afraid we don’t have a action-packed A-Z blog full of us fooling around on our days out. However, it’s such a blimin’ good idea (and an excellent article to boot) I had to do a premature share.

So far, we’ve only done two so are looking for ideas for our “C-Day”. Any suggestions are welcome!

A is for “Acting”

We had a brilliant time recently taking a trip up to Southampton for the matinee of Graham Linehan’s The Ladykillers at the Mayflower Theatre.

It’s been so long since we went to the theatre, let alone a cosy matinee. We even had ice-cream in the interval.

We are massive fans of Graham Linehan and were so lucky for this to be touring near us. Everything was perfect; great performances from a star-studded cast, brilliant script and such a magical production (the set, lighting and sound were out of this world). It’s coming to the end of its current tour, but if it does another run do go and check it out!

B is for “Biking”

For B we felt like we needed to do something a bit more active. We love “Biking” so much, but we really only have town bikes that are built for road and promenade riding. There is absolutely no way I would ride my beauty of a basket bike around on muddy tracks. For a start, it’s way too heavy. So, instead we took at trip to Moors Valley Country Park to get a bit mucky riding through tracks and woodland on one of their hire bikes.

We did go with the intention of getting a tandem (but they only had one and that had already gone). However, to be honest, after all the rain I think a tandem would have been a nightmare. We were more than happy bombing it around on a mountain bike. Although, Ian got so warm riding up the hills he fell victim to “Fog Glasses”. And he pretty much wrecked his gilet.

Here are some photos we took when we weren’t being muddy mountain bikers.

Hopefully the A-Z Adventure Days will continue soon…

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3 comments on “The A-Z of Adventure Days

  • rebecca@florencefinds

    Awesome guys – love your Adventures! Martha’s post has sparked so many people getting involved – Yay! xo

    PS C is for…
    Cuddling (hotel for the night anyone?)
    (big) Cats (Safari park/zoo?)
    Chocolate class


  • Kirsty spence

    Cheese tasting, canoeing, craps in a casino (double c!), cinema, cockfighting (mikes suggestion), call of duty (another mike suggestion), car boot sale, Christmas markets 🙂

  • Jenny Budzynski

    Obviously C is for the ever-so-important Cake I hope! Or Cutting the Cake or Cooking the Cake or Creating the Cake. All thought trains seem to lead to the same destination! 🙂

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