Andy & El’s Wedding and Afternoon Tea at Highfield Church, Southampton

Andy & El’s took place in Southampton last week and we joined them for one of our ‘Short & Sweet’ days.

Their ceremony took place at Highfield Church and the aisles were packed with family and friends joining in to celebrate their day. The church also played host to an Afternoon Tea reception held straight after the ceremony with plenty of cake to go around.

A little drive away Andy & El’s Reception was to be held in Beaulieu and we followed them there for a short while for a few photos before they sat down for their meal.

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Ken and Eliza’s Wedding at YMCA Fairthorne Manor

If you’ve not seen Ken and Eliza’s Chinese Tea Ceremony already, stop what you’re doing now and check out their wedding morning blog here. Their wedding was so action-packed it’s hard to believe they fitted everything into one day.

After their Tea Ceremony Ken and Eliza got changed for their wedding ceremony which took place outdoors around the campsite fire pit. The weather was nuts – we started off photographing the day in wellies and by the afternoon it was so hot many guests chose to get changed into shorts so they could spend the afternoon playing games.

Adorned with her hand-made headdress and Totoro origami bouquet, Eliza made her way over to the ceremony which was conducted by Ken’s Sister, Andrea. She’s easy to spot in the photos below as she is cloaked and armed with a Dragon Staff for the wedding. She also did a magnificent job of making the astounding wedding cake (despite never making one before).

The whole day took place within the grounds of YMCA Fairthorne Manor Campsite, so there were plenty of facilities for guests who wanted to let their hair down and kip over for the night. We can’t express enough how perfect this venue is for Bride and Grooms who want to be in complete control of the day.… Read Full Post

Ken and Eliza’s Chinese Tea Ceremony

Ken and Eliza’s wedding day was so utterly phenomenal and action-packed we’ve had to split it into two parts for fear of breaking the internet.

The day started early for us, with the morning spent carrying out the Chinese tradition of a tea ceremony before the wedding later. However, before Ken could fetch his bride he had to complete a number of different challenges set by the Bridesmaids to prove his suitability and test the sincerity of his love for Eliza.

Being blocked at the door (… or rather the entrance flap of the Wedding bell tent), Ken had to prove his worth, assisted by his “troop of brothers”. The challenges were all based on topics personal to them both including a rather wet-grassed sock wrestle (because Ken leaves his dirty socks lying around at home), food challenges and Jelly Baby delivery.

Having successfully passed his challenges and collected Eliza, everyone headed over to the Tea Ceremony where Ken’s friend was on duty to pour and wash the cups, with parents and family offering red-enveloped gifts.

Once done, both headed back to their tents to get changed for the wedding ceremony, which we’ll be showing in all its dragon-staffed glory in Part Two soon…

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Ken and Eliza’s Wedding Prep Shoot at YMCA Fairthorne Manor

Ken and Eliza’s wedding will be taking place in a couple of weeks. Scrap all your preconceptions of what a wedding day consists of – Eliza and Ken are setting their own rules. It’s bound to be a corker of a day making use of all the best bits from Chinese and Scottish tradition and a sprinkling of fantasy.

The day’s taking place at YMCA Fairthorne Family Park and Campsite – a vast and sprawling gem just outside Southampton, where they’ll be free to run riot.

Armed with a sword, hatchet and a copy of Game of Thrones we embarked on a quest around the camp to get our bearings and took some photos along the way…

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Lisa and Mark’s Wedding at Winslowe House

In the run up to Lisa and Mark’s wedding at Winslowe House there were some intensive decoration preparations. Having had to sew up just a few metres of bunting for our wedding I didn’t envy the job of accurately measuring up and putting together a whole marquee’s worth – when we turned up on the day and stuck our heads into the tent we could straight away it had all been worth it.

The wedding was very relaxed and cosy, with the ceremony room packed full with close family and friends. Tucked into the countryside on the outskirts of Southampton the mansion is a lived-in property which licenses out its front room and garden for a maximum of 60 day guests.

Guests gathered on the driveway of the house just before the wedding and it’s here we met up with Mark for the first time that day. We weren’t needed to shoot any bridal preps so we’d spent a bit of luxury time shooting table settings in the morning.

When word got round Lisa had arrived on site with her bridesmaids everyone was allowed to pile in to the house’s front room for the ceremony.

Although technically in Southampton, the house is in the area for Winchester Registry Office.… Read Full Post