Mark and Hannah’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Priston Mill

We met up with Hannah and Mark this weekend, on the day of the storm, to check out their wedding venue and have a catch-up. They’re getting married in a couple of weeks at Priston Mill, near Bath. The grounds actually have two wedding venues sitting alongside each other – a Watermill and a lovely bright and airy Tythe Barn – the latter of which Hannah and Mark will be using. They have some great ideas to embrace the Autumn feel of their wedding and we’re looking forward to what we’re sure will be a cosy, happy day.

Luckily we were able to meet before the winds really picked up but it was a bit of a drizzly shoot. Already having two of their shoots forced to be cancelled due to torrential rain, we were all determined to get some photos. Hannah and Mark were great sports as we walked around the grounds to find shelter.

Here’s what we came up with…

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Liz and Andy’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange, Dorset

Andy and Liz had a small and intimate mid-week wedding celebration at Chaffeymoor Grange – one of our favourite venues for a laid back, house party-style wedding.

They spent a few days at the house, celebrating with family, friends and their daughter.

Things were kept as relaxed as possible, with a cosy meal around one table and evening toasts instead of speeches. Andy’s Best Man even managed to incorporate some parlour games into his toast for a cosy, living room reception.

Here are a few photos from their day:

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Liz and Simon’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange, Dorset

Chaffeymoor Grange is the perfect venue for a small, intimate wedding. The relaxed atmosphere and convenience of being able to have the run of the entire house, filling it with your family and friends makes it a great place for a party.

Liz and Simon’s wedding took place last weekend and (as you can imagine) it was an absolute scorcher. It was the perfect day for a relaxed get-together.

After a bridal entrance to The Muppets “Mahna Mahna “, the ceremony took place in the Oak Room at Chaffeymoor with readings including The Ning Nang Nong. Liz and Simon then had a small gathering around one table for their wedding breakfast, with more guests to help take control of the Jukebox (and stop Simon from overloading everyone with Pink Floyd tunes) in the evening.

Liz’s choice of a beautiful, floating Temperley dress was perfect for the summer climate and her kitten-adorned Irregular Choice shoes were so treasured everyone was treated to regular, prideful peeks throughout the wedding.

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Emily and Simon’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange

Emily and Simon celebrated their wedding weekend with their closest family and friends at the lovely Chaffeymoor Grange – one of our favourite haunts.

It was a laid-back and relaxed day with the wedding taking place in the house’s smaller Red Room and dinner served in the Oak Room. Later, everyone was able to keep themselves entertained with the pretty special looking Jukebox which Emily and Simon had hired for the weekend.

Lots of hard work had been spent making sure the house was filled by personal little details – the most impressive of these being Simon’s hand-made Lego Postbox. The project for this started after Simon’s childhood Lego stash was passed back onto him by his Mum. He had the idea of making a box for their wedding cards but his old red bricks were only really enough to lay the foundations. This wedding is probably responsible for a nationwide shortage of “red ones”. But what a triumph!

Here are some favourites from their day…

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Janey and Mark’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange, Dorset

We turned up at Chaffeymoor Grange to find a bunch of people sat in the garden trying to work out how to make paper pom-poms. Despite talks of a strike and allocating a member of the wedding party to act as a Union Rep, the speed at which they were piling the wooden table with these paper balls was pretty impressive. It was the jolliest Sweatshop Factory I’ve ever seen.

In short, everyone was chipping in to make sure Janey and Mark’s wedding day was a memorable one. With full run of the house for a few days everyone was already looking quite settled into their weekend home.

Janey and Mark are expert designers and right from the outset they were determined to fill their day with lots of “Make-and-Do decor” and, as they put it in their first enquiry to us, “with a hint of country gorgeousness”.

Their take on this was right up our street, right down to the gigantic ampersand in the ceremony room and their music-themed table decorations.

We were very pleased (after working together on the same wedding loads, but never actually putting a face to a name) to bump into the supremely talented Sabine from “G Lily ” who did a marvellous job (as always) on the garden-style flowers.… Read Full Post

Dawn and Justin’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange

I’ve been known to have dreams about Chaffeymoor Grange. It’s one of those places that really sticks in your mind. Dawn and Justin’s wedding marked our fifth visit there. They’ve all been so different but what’s stood out is how comfortable and at home everyone feels there – like they’ve been staying for a week rather than a matter of hours.

We arrived this time to be greeted by a row of flying arrows. Lots of guests were staying at the house for the whole weekend and an archery class and tournament had been arranged. This kept Justin and the rest of the guests busy whilst the house was set up for the ceremony and reception, all taking place in the downstairs of the house, whilst Dawn got ready in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

The day was relaxed with close family and friends, and Basil the Basset Hound watching over the proceedings.

Dawn looked fabulous in one of my favourite Candy Anthony dresses, complete with green sash and feathered netted veil. Meanwhile the house was filled with amazing florals from G Lily (Sabine’s flowers never fail to wow me, they are always immaculately presented with punchy, classy colours). There were lots of other thoughtful details such as a handmade mosaic created by Justin and a family heirloom pocket watch set to the exact time Dawn and Justin got married.… Read Full Post

The Wedding of Bex and Andy at Ston Easton Park Hotel – Part One

We were excited to make our way over to Somerset for our first wedding of 2011 at a new venue for us, Ston Easton Park Hotel. Bex and Andy’s wedding day had perfect balance; it was elegant, entertaining, loving and playful. Helped along by the fact the hotel were happy to let the couple’s beloved three dogs attend the day. As they’re practically family this seemed so right.

It was delightful to kick things off being welcomed by the hotel’s resident Spaniel, Oscar who always seems to be kicking around the lobby enthusiastically greeting guests. He is SO adorable and took this whole wedding malarkey in his stride. He’s obviously used to it.

Bex’s Charlotte Balbier “Marilyn” dress.

By all accounts the girls had a fun-filled night’s sleepover at the hotel but they were revved full of energy and excitement for the day ahead.

Here’s Bex being pampered by the talented make-up artist, Sarah Brock.

Bex’s Kylie-like disco shoes gave a brilliant, cheeky twist on her otherwise vintage look.

Whilst her netted veil featured a very important brooch.

The room was packed to the brim with lots of Bex’s friends and bridesmaids. You were all lots of fun to be around, ladies.… Read Full Post

The Wedding of Bex and Andy at Ston Easton Park Hotel – Part Two

Following on from Part One, we left the guests with their red noses and had a quick walk around the hotel’s grounds whilst the ceremony room was turned over for the wedding breakfast. The sun had broken out just in time. Hooray for Spring!

This cottage sits within the grounds of Ston Easton Park Hotel and is where Bex and Andy stayed on their wedding night. So quaint and completely unique!

As if by magic…

The cake featured toppers of Bex, Andy, Charlie, Buster and Benson.

Now that’s how to get everyone’s attention…

At this point I should take some time to thank Bex and Andy so much for their thoughtfulness on the day. They were always checking whether we needed anything and arranged for us to have a spot of grub during our break. Thank you also to the amazingly organised and friendly staff at Ston Easton Park Hotel. There aren’t many hotels who will go out of their way to track you down to bring you surprise chicken with a smile, whilst obviously being swept off their feet. It made us happy.

In our notes for the day we had a small warning next to the evening schedule – “Warning: First Dance will be QUICK”.… Read Full Post

Wedding Prep Shoot: Bex and Andy

We headed over to Somerset the weekend just gone to run through Bex and Andy’s wedding preps at Ston Easton Park Hotel near Bath. It was a ridiculously wet and dingy day but with so many lovely rooms and little nooks and crannies to explore it really didn’t matter we couldn’t venture outside to take some test shots. We’ve figured the weather on the wedding day can’t be any worse.

We’d never been to the hotel before so this was a first for us. You know you’re in for a treat when you’re greeted by the hotel’s resident Cocker Spaniel who enthusiastically sits with you for the entire meeting. He even managed to get into some of the prep shots!

Bex and Andy will be allowed to bring their own much-loved Spaniels, Buster, Charlie and Benson to the wedding day and we can’t wait to meet them too. We’ve also been let in on some of the dress details and day schedule plans and it’s going to be a lovely, relaxed and fun-filled day.

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