Chris and Dani’s Wedding Prep Shoot in Minstead, New Forest

We met up with Dani and Chris in the New Forest this week to talk through the final plans for their wedding day and go on a little walk around Acres Down. They’re getting married at The Master Builders in Beaulieu next month.

Once again there was a last minute weather dodge as it absolutely hammered it down pretty much as soon as we’d finished our shoot. We’re getting good at forecast watching. Once again wellies were a must!

We chose Acres Down as a rendezvous spot as there was word there should be wild pigs along the woodland walk. Sadly, we didn’t see any sign of them. Maybe they’re not silly enough to be out in the middle of the forest when there’s a storm coming. Here are some photos from our walk…

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Sara + Mark’s Wedding in Emery Down, Hampshire – Part One

If it wasn’t for Dirty Cash by Stevie V you might not be reading this blog right now, and Sara and Mark wouldn’t be living the life of camper van luxury in Canada (jealous). We also probably wouldn’t know anything about the wonderful venue that is the Minstead Manor Estate. Sara knows all the words to the rap and so impressed was our Mark he just had to get that girl’s number.

Sara and Mark are always out and about whenever they’re not at work. They rack up so many Foursquare points every week it can make a hermit wedding photographer feel a bit embarrassed. They own the most gorgeous Bell Tent and aren’t afraid of camping. So it made absolute sense for them to have a wedding somewhere outdoorsy, with a camp fire, hay bales and Shepherd’s Huts.

Things started in Lyndhurst where I met up with Sara and the girls at Evolve Hairdressers. They’d laid out pastries and strawberries and did an expert job (check out the little plaits on Sara’s bun – love it!). Meanwhile, Ian met up with the boys at the Lyndhurst Park Hotel (mostly to photograph them trying to work out how to put a tie on).… Read Full Post

Sara + Mark’s Wedding Reception at New Forest Outdoor Activity Centre – Part Two

Continued from part one

So the New Forest Outdoor Activity Centre. It’s not somewhere I’d heard of before and certainly wasn’t on my wedding radar. But what a joy it is. In the week it’s a venue set up for team building exercises. There’s a marquee, a little hall that doubles up as a wedding breakfast room, pretty little shepherd’s huts and a fire pit. It’s a perfect venue for a party and the staff that work there are super nice too and make a great cup of tea.

After a little drive in their VW Camper Sara and Mark arrived, welcomed by their second confetti shower of the day.

Their family and friends had made a great team the day before getting the venue decorated with an impressive amount of handmade bunting. There were some expert “crafters” at this wedding, of all different varieties – crochet, sewing, knitting and… errrm… gin. As a load of them were camping over for the night some of them brought the craft projects they were working on along with them. Hence the little montages.

There was also a big gamer presence at this party. As well as the tables being named after consoles there were a lot of Game Boys and PSPs around.… Read Full Post