Chris & Emily’s Wedding Prep at Sandbanks Beach

We were rather glad we were meeting up with Chris and Emily at the weekend to escape our home. Temperatures were set at a steady 30-degrees in the office. We’d got through more Jubbly ice lollies than is healthy and spent far too much money on fans to dot around.

A sit-down to go through wedding timings with a cool shandy and air conditioning at The Sandbanks Hotel was just the ticket and a little paddle made everything much better again.

Emily and Chris braced the summer crowds for a walk on Sandbanks beach for their prep shoot as we made plans for their day in a few weeks time.

They’re getting married at Upton House before making their way back to the seaside to spend their day with family and friends overlooking the water.

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Poonam & Alastair’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange

We headed over to Chaffeymoor Grange recently to join Poonam and Alastair for one of our Short & Sweet days – taking in everything from getting ready to their meal sit down.

They and some of their close family and friends had full run of the house, staying over for a few days with the Oak Room transformed for their ceremony and wedding breakfast with gold shimmering voiles and floral decorations put together by Alastair’s mum.

Poonam was dressed in a beautiful coral and mint Sari which, as well as being extremely heavy, took a bit of expertise to get in to (especially keeping the headdress up!).

Sadly, although we arrived under blue skies, the rain swept in shortly after the ceremony meaning we weren’t able to make too much use of Chaffeymoor’s beautiful gardens. But we did manage to get out in short bursts when the rain eased for photos and for Poonam and Alastair to exchange garlands (which they weren’t allowed to do during the ceremony).

After the drinks reception we left the Bride and Groom to enjoy their day after all the guests sat down for their wedding breakfast.

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Jen & Daim’s Wedding at The Kings Arms Hotel, Christchurch

It’s been quite a few years since we headed over to Christchurch for a wedding at The Kings Arms hotel and things have changed quite considerably.

Ceremonies are now held at the pretty Cricket Pavilion opposite the hotel and weather permitting, drinks can be enjoyed on the pitch outside.

Jen & Daim got married here and were able to enjoy a relaxed day with family and friends. The weather was nice enough to dish out the boozy lollies and savour canapés outside.

Jen got ready at the hotel with a room overlooking the Pavilion so she could spot Daim the Groom and guests arriving.

We made the most of the ruins over the road from the hotel for a shoot a little later in the day climbing the castle to capture some lovely late spring light.

The evening and wedding breakfast was held in the Kings Priory next to the hotel where folks enjoyed a playlist boogie and drinks into the evening.

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Clem and Ben’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Upton Country Park, Poole

We are very pleased to be heading back to Harry Warren House a couple of times this year. The venue took a little time out of the wedding world to let their land rest but we sure did miss it whilst it had a bit of a sabbatical.

Clem and Ben’s wedding is going to take place there and they have a super day planned. Their ceremony is being held at the pretty little St Nicholas Church in Studland with their reception being held in a marquee at Harry Warren.

We met up for the first time in person after only previously Skype-ing to have a proper catch-up over the Easter weekend. Clem’s family live in Upton and she had the great idea of meeting their for their prep shoot. It’s somewhere we frequent often walking our dog, but looking at it with photographer eyes for the first time, it has lots more scope for many more visits.

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Jen & Daimon’s Wedding Prep Shoot in Christchurch, Dorset

We met up with Jen and Daim last week at the The Kings Arms in Christchurch. They’re getting married there soon and their ceremony will be held in the Cricket Pavilion over the road.

Before making our way over to the Pavilion for a few late afternoon photos we sat and talked through some timings. Although not around for the wedding day itself they brought their lovely Chihuahua dog, Broo along for the prep. It was a nice surprise. She was exceptionally well behaved and didn’t make a peep- so much so it wasn’t initially obvious she was sat on Jen’s lap! We think she loved being part of the shoot and showed off a few tricks too!

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Emma & Ben’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Hengistbury Head

We were lucky enough to venture down to Hengistbury Head on another beautiful evening. Emma and Ben are getting married soon at The Master Builders Hotel in Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu and we’re looking forward to heading back to this picturesque setting.

We were due to meet there for their prep but after seeing photos from Ross & Nicola’s Wedding Prep Shoot a couple of weeks ago Emma asked if we could head back down to the beach huts for theirs. We can’t say we blame them! The light was beautiful that afternoon and we felt like we were in New England rather than Dorset. And just after we’d called it a wrap and started walking back to the car the light went bonkers. The sight of it streaming through the trees was spellbinding and we had to get them to de-coat for a few more photos.

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Ross & Nicola’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Hengistbury Head

Ross and Nicola are getting married next month with a church ceremony at St Michael and All Angels Church in Hinton Admiral and a wedding reception at Barford Park.

We’ve had a little bit of a heads up as to how their wedding day’s going to pan out as they asked Ian to design their wedding invitations over at Swash and Fold. They have some great plans lined up for their day, making use of the barn and its excellent scope for a DIY wedding.

After not having much luck with the weather lately we were positively ecstatic at being able to wander in the late afternoon Spring sunshine and around the beach huts at Hengistbury Head.

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Amy & Luke’s Wedding at Sopley Mill

And so we start 2017…

We had the pleasure of joining Amy & Luke for their wedding last week. Their whole day took place at Sopley Mill with Amy and her bridal party also getting ready there.

We were very spoilt by the beautiful, unexpected warm Winter’s day. You never would have guessed this was a February wedding – especially as for the week before we had to wrap in our Arctic coats for just a short wedding prep shoot.

It was lovely to work again alongside Caroline and Elke from Amazing Face – who always do a great job with make-up and hair. And we were also excited to see the van of Joey from The Wild Fox parked outside in the morning who we’ve had our eye on for a while and who did an impeccable job with her seasonal, textured blooms. Finishing off the details Amy put a great amount of effort in before the day practising her calligraphy and wrote out all the table cards herself as well as baking the cake.

Although the day was warm the evening made sure to remind us it was in fact Winter. However, with that quick drop in temperature came a beautiful, cloudless evening where we had great fun experimenting with mobile phone lights and Amy & Luke’s LED balloons before heading back upstairs for some disco fun.… Read Full Post

Amy and Luke’s Wedding Prep in Poole

We met up with Amy and Luke this weekend to talk through their wedding day details and go for a bit of a wander around Poole.

They’re getting married next month and are having their winter wedding at Sopley Mill and we’ll be joining them for part of their special day.

Here are some photos from our walk around Old Town.

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Family Shoot at Chaffeymoor Grange

A couple of weeks ago Lindsay at Chaffeymoor Grange asked us to pop over to take some portraits shots of her family. Her Mum had a very special birthday coming up and to celebrate her family were joining in on a big party. Making the most of everyone being together we helped them out with some group shots as a momento.

We are lucky enough to have worked at Chaffeymoor Grange a lot of the years and Lindsay and Rik have worked hard to make it one of the most welcoming and special venues. We have shot plenty of different styles of wedding there including an evening wedding. The beautiful Oak Room is always a pleasure to shoot in and as a special treat it was sparkling with Christmas decorations by the very talented florist, Sabine Darrall.

Here are just a few photos from our short evening shoot.

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Jo & Ricky’s Wedding at Sopley Mill

We joined Jo & Ricky for their wedding day at Sopley Mill which took place just before Bonfire Night.

It was a classic Autumn day and really what you would expect from November – cold and wet. But there’s always something special and cosy about a seasonal wedding.

Luckily, with three floors of the Mill to explore and call their own the guests were happily tucked up inside for the most part. Although the scope for venturing around the grounds for photos was short-lived we were happy the rain stopped just when we needed it to (and Jo’s friend was happy to lend her some boots to save her pretty shoes in the mud).

The ceremony was conducted by the Bride and Groom’s friend, Rahul who did a great job as Celebrant.

Sadly, Rhubarb the cat wasn’t able to be invited. But she did have a great time playing with my shoes and laces during the morning preparations at Jo & Ricky’s home.

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Jo & Ricky’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Hengistbury Head

Jo and Ricky are getting married this Autumn at Sopley Mill and we’ll be joining them to capture the whole day. We love an Autumn wedding and being held the day before Bonfire Night we’re sure there will be plenty of fun ways to see in the earlier night!

We met up for a little walk down to Hengistbury Head to talk through their day plans and spend some time wandering around the beach huts.

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