Jen & Daimon’s Wedding Prep Shoot in Christchurch, Dorset

We met up with Jen and Daim last week at the The Kings Arms in Christchurch. They’re getting married there soon and their ceremony will be held in the Cricket Pavilion over the road.

Before making our way over to the Pavilion for a few late afternoon photos we sat and talked through some timings. Although not around for the wedding day itself they brought their lovely Chihuahua dog, Broo along for the prep. It was a nice surprise. She was exceptionally well behaved and didn’t make a peep- so much so it wasn’t initially obvious she was sat on Jen’s lap! We think she loved being part of the shoot and showed off a few tricks too!

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Our puppy Indie

We have a new puppy! Meet Indiana (Indie). He is a 3-month old Cockapoo and he’s now lived with us for a fortnight. He is settling in very well and found his feet with us quite quickly. He is very good at night and rarely cries. Although it’s still another week before he can go for walks outside.

We have been working around the clock for the past few weeks to housetrain Indie and he is smart enough now to ‘sit’ on command and we have almost cracked not being so impatient to take food straight away and to wait to be told to eat. Most importantly, he knows loo breaks are taken outside. However, leave your slippers on the floor at your peril!

Indie is desperate to go outside and see new sights. We have a school at the end of the road so for the time being (until it’s OK to have a run in a park) he is taken out for a carry in the front garden so he can see everyone making their way to school (and he gets a lot of attention from passers-by). Yesterday, he went to the vets for his jabs and saw three other dogs which blew his tiny mind!… Read Full Post