Nicola & Martin’s Wedding at Highcliffe Castle

Nicola and Martin’s Mid-Week Wedding took place in Christchurch, Dorset with a ceremony and reception at Highcliffe Castle.

First of all, both the bride and groom stayed over at the Lord Bute in Highcliffe with Nicola and her bridesmaids having the luxury of getting ready in their amazingly spacious Bridal Suite. Morning preps were taken care of by the expert hair and make-up styling of Laura Mackenzie and Tara Sanger.

We managed to get through a whole day without rain but it was a very blustery day – we almost got blown away on the beach and had to abandon our shoot down there for fear of ending up on the Isle of Wight, instead taking shelter around the castle grounds.

There were some pretty details throughout the day with the wedding taking on a bit of a literary theme. We were very impressed by the brilliant cake rustled up by Nicola’s Dad. Although I got a bit stressed playing the Wed-Libs game dotted around the tables… I realised I needed to swot up on my Verbs, Adjectives and Nouns. The shame.

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Jen & Daim’s Wedding at The Kings Arms Hotel, Christchurch

It’s been quite a few years since we headed over to Christchurch for a wedding at The Kings Arms hotel and things have changed quite considerably.

Ceremonies are now held at the pretty Cricket Pavilion opposite the hotel and weather permitting, drinks can be enjoyed on the pitch outside.

Jen & Daim got married here and were able to enjoy a relaxed day with family and friends. The weather was nice enough to dish out the boozy lollies and savour canapés outside.

Jen got ready at the hotel with a room overlooking the Pavilion so she could spot Daim the Groom and guests arriving.

We made the most of the ruins over the road from the hotel for a shoot a little later in the day climbing the castle to capture some lovely late spring light.

The evening and wedding breakfast was held in the Kings Priory next to the hotel where folks enjoyed a playlist boogie and drinks into the evening.

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Matt and Bethan’s Wedding at Lulworth Castle

Matt and Bethan held their wedding day at Lulworth Castle recently with their family and friends.

It was a day packed full of colour. The bridal party dressed in bright pink, navy and turquoise with flowers to match. And to polish things off the wedding breakfast room was adorned with extra colourful details, bright tablecloths and a blooming amazing cake.

Morning preparations started a short drive away in West Lulworth as Matt and Bethan had holiday cottages rented for the weekend, then the rest of the day was spent at at the Castle.

Their wedding had a wine theme. The seating plan came in the form of a wine rack and each table had its own different bottle of wine, collected by them on their travels. Matt gave a great intro to some of these different boozes during his speech. It was a wonderful idea and lovely to give each table something unique.

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Sam and Milly’s Wedding at Highcliffe Castle

Milly and Sam got married a few weeks ago at Highcliffe Castle near Christchurch.

Things started in the morning with Milly getting ready at her parent’s house where there was plenty of time to practice vows, walking down the aisle (in pyjamas) and ceremony songs.

The ceremony took place later on in the afternoon which gave Sam the opportunity to head to the beach in the morning for a bit of R&R before getting ready near the Castle.

Milly and Sam kept things nice and relaxed so guests could enjoy spending the day exploring the grounds and enjoying the company.

One of the main criteria for choosing the venue was the chance to get down to the beach at some point during the wedding day. The weather was a tad grey but we were so thankful it stayed dry so we could do this and the Bridal Party headed down with them too to enjoy a refreshing paddle.

Here are some photos from their day…

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Anthea and Graham’s Wedding at Lulworth Castle

Anthea and Graham got married last week in the pretty little Chapel within the grounds of Lulworth Castle, followed by a reception and party inside the castle itself.

In the morning, Anthea and her bridesmaids got ready at the lovely Limestone Hotel, whilst Graham prepped for the morning in the nearby Weld Arms.

The wedding was packed full of classic and pretty details but most importantly it was a day focussed on celebrating with family and friends. The speeches were heartwarming, there were lots of thoughtful touches throughout the day and it was obvious everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed spending the day together.

We woke up to rain hammering down on our roof. The report for the day wasn’t looking good at all – it often poured it down but every time we wanted to go outside it cleared up – just like magic!

As well as the ace and professional team at Lulworth Castle, special mention should go to the Blunter Brothers for providing fantastic entertainment. They really were top notch and we enjoyed listening to some less obvious wedding tunes. They inspired many a dance-off and at one point we got trapped inside a Conga circle.… Read Full Post

Amy and Johnny’s Wedding at Lulworth Castle, Dorset

We were treated to a fantastic day at Lulworth Castle a couple of weeks ago for the wedding of Amy and Johnny. They spent their whole day at the castle, filling it with lots of fun, lovely details and plenty of thoughtful surprises.

We spent possibly a bit too long geeking out with Johnny over their brilliant Lost-themed seating plan, even if we did disagree with him over the quality of the show’s ending. However, he regained respect from us by pulling off the sweetest, most romantic gesture over the wedding breakfast – a surprise sing-song speech to his new wife, Amy. It was a bit emotional.

Later on, we hear Johnny was asked to sing the song again along with their evening band. They kindly learnt the tune that night! But then again.. having worked with The Brightside Band, we already knew they go the extra mile.

Here are some photos from their day. Oh, and we’ve also twigged it’s Amy’s birthday today too. Happy Birthday, Amy! We hope you’re both having an amazing honeymoon x

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