Jenny and Duncan’s Humanist Wedding at Studland Bay House

Following on from their legal, civil ceremony the day before at Swanage Town Hall, Jenny and Duncan’s celebrations really got into full swing for their Humanist Ceremony and reception at Studland Bay House.

Despite it being a fairly grey, sea mist-swirling kind of day, it was dry enough to make the most of the outdoors and the ceremony took place looking out over the sea and Old Harry Rocks. Guests were seated looking out over the cliff too with an official Celebrant conducting the ceremony.

Jenny and Duncan had full reign over the house for the weekend and had spent the evening after their civil ceremony celebrating and getting all of the final preps together.

Other than the ceremony and the drinks reception the main party was held in a marquee attached on to the side of the house. There were plenty of lovely decorations, including boat table centres to embrace the seaside location with ice-cream, a strawberry “naked cake”, a delicious wedding breakfast and a stack of cheese to keep the guests full.

In the evening guests were treated to choreographed First Dance by Jenny and Duncan. And when they weren’t filling the dance floor they were out playing with sparklers in the garden.

Here are some photos from their day:

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