The Wedding of Bex and Andy at Ston Easton Park Hotel – Part One

We were excited to make our way over to Somerset for our first wedding of 2011 at a new venue for us, Ston Easton Park Hotel. Bex and Andy’s wedding day had perfect balance; it was elegant, entertaining, loving and playful. Helped along by the fact the hotel were happy to let the couple’s beloved three dogs attend the day. As they’re practically family this seemed so right.

It was delightful to kick things off being welcomed by the hotel’s resident Spaniel, Oscar who always seems to be kicking around the lobby enthusiastically greeting guests. He is SO adorable and took this whole wedding malarkey in his stride. He’s obviously used to it.

Bex’s Charlotte Balbier “Marilyn” dress.

By all accounts the girls had a fun-filled night’s sleepover at the hotel but they were revved full of energy and excitement for the day ahead.

Here’s Bex being pampered by the talented make-up artist, Sarah Brock.

Bex’s Kylie-like disco shoes gave a brilliant, cheeky twist on her otherwise vintage look.

Whilst her netted veil featured a very important brooch.

The room was packed to the brim with lots of Bex’s friends and bridesmaids. You were all lots of fun to be around, ladies.

Meanwhile, downstairs, after a bit of dog walking Ian met up with Andy and his groomsmen before the ceremony.

Who would’ve thought this little one had enough horse power to drag a metal boot scraper across the car park?

Argh! Emergency dress alterations. Luck has it though, Bex’s sister had just been telling us all about her dressmaking skills. She’s an excellent person to have around.

An accidental reveal. Oops!

I think the dogs had some of the best spots in the room to watch the wedding proceedings. Apart from maybe me. They were very well behaved apart from the occasional, well-timed woof.

I am so chuffed our first reading of the year was a Pam Ayres:

“Yes I’ll marry you, my dear,
You may not apprehend it,
But when the tumble-drier goes
It’s you that has to mend it,
You have to face the neighbour
Should our Spaniels attack him,
And if a drunkard fondles me
It’s you that has to whack him.”

The vows were flawless. Apart from Bex forgetting her own name. Bless you.

The best reaction to being handed a wedding certificate. Ever.


There weren’t any speeches during the meal. Instead, straight after the ceremony a few words were spoken during the drinks reception.

Although maybe that was still too much talking…

The wedding was held on 18th March 2011 – Comic Relief Day. All the guests had been bought their own Red Noses. This led to some interesting group shots.

You can jump straight to Part Two here.

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8 comments on “The Wedding of Bex and Andy at Ston Easton Park Hotel – Part One

  • Laura Lawson

    Absolutely lovely, you’ve started the year with a bang!

  • AJ

    Absolutely gorgeous.

    Wish we were having dogs at our wedding. Stupid ‘vulnerable’ peacocks.

  • Carrie

    Amazing wedding guys. They certainly looked liked they had a ball and you captured every fun moment! Can’t wait for part 2!

  • Phill

    Pam Ayres! Dream clients! :~) As for the photo set, oh my giddy aunt! Utterly transportive. It leaves me feeling palpably immersed in the goings on of the day. What fabulous people to spend a day amongst.

  • HayleyRuth

    WOW WOW! Love them all and the Red Noses, BRILLIANT!!!

  • Sammy-J

    Wonderful pictures. Love having the dog at the wedding. My dog arrived at the reception just after the service.

  • Nici & Nigel

    Ah, Bex and Andy. Look like you had a FAB day!! Photos are gorgeous. xx

  • Jennifer

    Brilliant – red noses and Pam Ayres; coolest B&Gs obviously employ the coolest wedding photographers 🙂

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