Jenny and Owain’s Wedding at St John’s College, Oxford

Jenny and Owain got married the weekend before Christmas and we headed up to Oxford to capture the day. The wedding took place in The Oxford Union with a reception within the grounds of St John’s College, University of Oxford.

It was a crisp, clear and Christmassy day full of festive cheer, carols and celebration.

The ceremony itself was conducted by a mutual friend of ours (and former Big Bouquet Groom himself, Mike). Without any hint of bias he did the most perfect job of making the service personal and thoughful. Meanwhile, the ceremony and drinks reception were given a soundtrack by a full Welsh choir.

Special mention should also go to Jenny’s friend, Kristina Johansen Seznec for doing such an excellent job creating a bespoke lace cover-up for Jenny. Such enviable dressmaking skills! She’s put together her own blog post on the story behind the Cover Up.

The light left us quickly that day, being one day away from the shortest of the year, so once everyone had enjoyed a drinks reception of carols and mulled wine in the Union we ventured around the grounds of the College with Jenny and Owain. Meanwhile, the guests seated themselves in the Dining Hall for their wedding breakfast.

After a Christmas dinner they then remained in the College, heading over to the Garden Quadrangle for their evening reception and disco. It was freezing by this point, but that didn’t put off a group wanting to practice their light-scribing with some sparklers, before we left them to it and headed on our merry way back to Bournemouth.

Here are some highlights from the day…

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Thought you might like to know how much everyone is raving about the pictures. Someone even said they were the best wedding pictures they have ever seen! Thanks so much. They make us so happy every time we look at them!

Jenny & Owain

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