Lisa and Mark’s Wedding at Winslowe House

In the run up to Lisa and Mark’s wedding at Winslowe House there were some intensive decoration preparations. Having had to sew up just a few metres of bunting for our wedding I didn’t envy the job of accurately measuring up and putting together a whole marquee’s worth – when we turned up on the day and stuck our heads into the tent we could straight away it had all been worth it.

The wedding was very relaxed and cosy, with the ceremony room packed full with close family and friends. Tucked into the countryside on the outskirts of Southampton the mansion is a lived-in property which licenses out its front room and garden for a maximum of 60 day guests.

Guests gathered on the driveway of the house just before the wedding and it’s here we met up with Mark for the first time that day. We weren’t needed to shoot any bridal preps so we’d spent a bit of luxury time shooting table settings in the morning.

When word got round Lisa had arrived on site with her bridesmaids everyone was allowed to pile in to the house’s front room for the ceremony.

Although technically in Southampton, the house is in the area for Winchester Registry Office. This was our first encounter with Winchester Registrars and I have to say, they win the award for one of the most personal, fun and laid-back ceremonies we’ve seen so far. That’s a good job really as I was practically sat on one of their laps tucked in behind a curtain – she didn’t seem bothered.

As I normally spend the morning shooting bridal preparations it was a nice change to get my first glimpse of the Lisa as she walked down the aisle behind her bridesmaids. Her floor length floating dress looked Goddess-like teamed up with some really thoughtful accessories and pastel pink, Peony bouquet.

After the ceremony the guests gathered outside for their drinks reception on the rear lawn and later, in the marquee. We spent just a little bit of time capturing some portraits and the bouquet toss before guests were soon seated for the wedding breakfast.

Bad luck ladies! If you snooze, you lose!

Everyone had their own individual cupcake placeholder and each table had a Lucky Dip bag packed full of wrapped favours. I’d completely forgotten about Lucky Dips and how we’d always have these at birthday parties when we were younger. It got me thinking… this is such a great idea to break the ice if you’re seating guests on a table that don’t really know each other. If someone isn’t too fussed for their unwrapped favour they can bargain with a fellow guest to swap.

As the marquee was attached to the side of the house, Mark and Lisa were able to make their grand entrance through the back door! Then to get them over and done with, and so everyone could enjoying tucking into their meal, there were some short speeches straight after. Then we left everyone to party into the night!

Congratulations, Lisa and Mark x

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4 comments on “Lisa and Mark’s Wedding at Winslowe House

  • Lisa

    I have a grin on, thanks Emma and Ian – they are lovely 🙂

  • Phill

    What a beautifully designed wedding. Food for the eyes and soul. The perfect match for your photographic palette.

  • Jane Curtis

    What some fabulous photos – some of the best I have seen.

  • Denise (bird xx)

    oh my god i have tears in my eyes just looking at how beautiful you both look and how happy you look …..
    hope i got a mention in the speach (cilla !!!!)

    guys i hope your day was really special xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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