Snow Day in Bournemouth

Finally! After days of hearing from friends dotted around the country enjoying the snow, we woke this morning to find the streets of Bournemouth covered in the stuff. We normally miss out thanks to our little micro climate but this is definitely more than just a light dusting.

I got up super early to venture down to Boscombe Chine Gardens and Boscombe Beach and Pier before everyone else got up and ruined it all with their footprints. Ian joined me for a little while…

and then I went on an expedition on my own with my camera (whilst Ian accidentally took my gloves back home with him! Grr). Here’s what I came up with…

Happy Snow Day everyone!

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5 comments on “Snow Day in Bournemouth

  • Wedding Sparrow

    At last! Someone has blogged the snow on the beach! I didn’t have time to take any pictures this morning before going to work 🙁 Living on the cliff top myself, it was nice to see a beach that wouldn’t look out of place in Siberia! Love the snow! Although not without gloves…

  • Laura Lawson

    These are AWESOME! Especially Ian’s “what am I doing here” face.

  • Clare Briggs

    Love the shot of the pier!

  • bisi bordley

    Boscombe pier & the secret garden looks amazing!
    Lovely shots.

  • Keith harris

    Was just putting a link to your site on so I thought I would take a look around. I just love the shot of the pier!

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