The Wedding Party of Sam and Evan at the Sandbanks Hotel

Sam and Evan’s wedding took place in South Africa just before Christmas. They had to battle their way through all the UK airport hiccups during our snow storms in a journey that started from their home island of Bermuda. It sounded frantic but they made it! They got married and they lived to party another party.

I’d spoken to Sam on the telephone after they got in touch with us to ask us to shoot their second wedding party at the Sandbanks Hotel in Poole but we didn’t manage to meet up with them both in person until the night before our job. After all the travel fiasco the week before it must have been lovely to have another chance to relax and let loose on a wedding reception and catch up with more family and friends.

So, the day before New Years Eve we spent a night away from the telly, mulled wine and Twiglets and got to photograph a lovely party for a few hours. It was just like a real wedding reception with a meal, speeches and a First Dance, just without the wedding bit beforehand!

Here are a few shots from the night…

Congratulations  Sam and Evan

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5 comments on “The Wedding Party of Sam and Evan at the Sandbanks Hotel

  • AJ


    I absolutely love the shot where the little kid has clocked you & looks paralysed with fear!

  • Phill

    It all looks so lovely, warm and cosy. And fun. And energetic.

  • Glenn Mather Nottingham

    You captured the atmosphere fantastically – well done

  • Kelly Holmes

    Great photos! Love the little miniatures of Black Seal…little touch of Bermuda in the chill of the UK. You looked fab, of course!

    (Why does the Sandbanks sound so familiar??)

  • richard

    some great informal shots in that lot the bride and groom look great with the fire in the background!!

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