Wedding Prep Shots: Kathy and Mark

We met up with Kathy and Mark last night over in Wareham to talk through their wedding details, have a catch-up and peak through the door at Lady St Mary Church where they’ll be tying the knot in a few of weeks. It’s going to prove to be an action-packed day as after a ceremony over in the Purbecks we’ll all be making our way over to Bournemouth for a reception and party at The Cumberland Hotel.

When we were walking around Wareham we found out Kathy’s mum has been an absolute star and arranged it for us to use the grounds of The Priory Hotel next to the church just after the ceremony so we can get some portraits in peace and quiet. There are so many pretty nooks and crannies here and we’re so impressed with the gesture and forward-thinking. Good work Kathy’s mum!

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6 comments on “Wedding Prep Shots: Kathy and Mark

  • Laura Lawson

    Arww what a lovely spot!

  • Phill

    I can’t escape the overwhelming feeling that these images are delicious.

  • AJ Jefferies


  • trudi critchell

    wow….these look fab kathy and mark x

  • aunt deb

    wow these look wonderful,u r beautiful xx

  • Jennifer

    gorgeous, love the framing and the gentle pastels.

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