Our New USB Presentation Books

At the end of last year we made the decision to start offering our images on USB rather than disc (for lots of different reasons we won’t bore you with).

We were excited to design our own, very pretty USBs made of natural wood. And to complement we tracked down a lovely Keepsake Book.

But something made us sad… If we were going to be getting rid of our DVDs, we’d have to get rid of our DVD Presentation Books. This seemed a shame as we’d had such great feedback on them. Luckily, our supplier came up trumps having recently launched a dedicated presentation book for USBs. We got our samples through last week and were blown away by the clever design – it’s even better than its predecessor!

As standard, each USB Presentation Book will include a 6 page book showcasing some favourites from your wedding day or portrait shoot. The case securely holds our USB stick within a windowed compartment that’s magnetised to hold shut. This is held in an outer book case which can be embossed to personalise in gold or silver foil. The book cases are available in three different pearlised finishes – Chocolate Brown, Cream Pearl and Black Pearl.

As with our previous DVD Books, these are custom designed to suit your wedding day and you’ll be able to proof and give feedback to designs before they’re ordered.

Our USB Presentation Books are available for £210 each (including postage and a USB stick). However, for anyone who already owns a DVD Presentation Book and would like to upgrade (and maybe give away the older DVD Book to a parent), we should be able to modify an existing design for a reduced cost of £180.

Feel free to get in touch for more details.


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