Leigh and Doug’s Rock the Frock Shoot

At the start of this month we had an enquiry from Leigh and Doug asking whether it would be possible to arrange a post-wedding portrait shoot somewhere near to Bournemouth. Their wedding took place in Yorkshire last year and although we weren’t on their radar for that event, they got in touch after wanting some shots to put up in their home, taken where they both went to University.

We knew we’d have to work quite fast if we wanted to fit this in before the winter set in and it would be too cold venture out in a strapless bridal gown. So, after a couple of phone calls we arranged to meet up for the first time on the morning of the shoot. Leigh had sorted it for her hair to be made-up by a friend and after an introductory coffee and a quick change we bundled them into our car and set off for our afternoon adventure.

Poor Leigh and Doug must have thought we were absolutely mad when we suggested we take the Noddy Train (or as Leigh calls it, the “Wally Trolley”) down to the beach. I have to say, I did start questioning our own sanity when we piled into the mini children’s carriage, complete with mini chain to stop us from falling out. Of course, if you’ve ever been to Hengistbury Head you’ll know what a real hidden gem it is. With so many nooks and crannies, amazing beach huts and sand dunes it’s a photographer’s dream. We didn’t take the Noddy Train back up to the car, instead, opting to walk back and duck into the woods as we went.

So many couples, when we meet up for the first time, express concern over how they will look in front of the camera, or how well they will take instruction. This shoot just emphasised to us that it doesn’t matter whether you’re experienced in being in front of the camera, or if you’re unsure about posing. If you relax, have fun, trust your photographer and don’t take things too seriously you will end up a winner.

From our point of view, it was also such a luxury to be able to take our time for all to be able to enjoy the portrait experience. On a full wedding day we always try and visit a lovely location if we can, but there’s always the pressure to get back to the party as soon as possible. Whether you didn’t have the budget on your own wedding day, didn’t have the time to get out to a favourite location, or if you want some shots in a setting very different from your original wedding venue we think this alternative shoot is a great idea.

Here are some shots from our post-wedding shoot around Hengistbury Head and Sandbanks, Poole. We laughed, we shivered, we ate cookies and we got jumped on by a damp, crazy Springer Spaniel, but I think it was worth it!

Hope there’s one here you’ll be proud to put on your wall, Leigh and Doug.

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8 comments on “Leigh and Doug’s Rock the Frock Shoot

  • Laura Lawson

    These are totally magical, I love them all. That first shot in the forest = FIERCE!

  • Phill

    Cover of a high end wedding magazine. That’s all I have to say.

  • Leigh & Doug

    Hi guys
    Just had a look through the images and love them! Thank you so much for a fantastic day and some amazing photos we both love. The colours in each picture are incredible.
    We think every couple should do this as a great excuse to dress up and have a really fun day out! We’ll certainly be recommending you.

  • greg

    lovely location, lovely people and great processing – simply stunning!

  • jo

    Wow guys, these are some of the best wedding images I have seen in a long time. Amazing locations, positioning and processing. I love them!

  • Jennifer

    Soooo beautiful, think I’ll hang my camera up now!

  • Linus Moran

    Beautiful images – the skin tones are lovely. What post production work have you done – the colours are great !! Very envious….

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