Laura and Peter’s Wedding at Plush Manor, Dorchester

We have the ever excellent Bellissimo Weddings to thank for bringing us together with the fun and thoughtful Pete and Laura. Our work on this wedding started many, many months before as not only did we have the pleasure of photographing the day, Ian also designed and printed their stationery over at Swash and Fold (you can read more about his work on the literary-themed paper crafts, here).

We’d never heard of Plush Manor before Melanie at Bellissimo got in touch to see if we were available to work with Pete and Laura. It is such a unique venue with a perfect accommodation set-up for guests with bedrooms, kitchen and living area as well as a vast, sprawling estate that’s home to a licensed wedding Folly and a retired Church. All of this framed by the magnificent view of the Dorset countryside.

We set off heading to Dorchester in appalling rain with deep, black skies. The water lashed against the windscreen as we journeyed along a flooded dual carriageway. We were resigned to spending the day in wellies, darting to and from indoor spots. Then, as if by magic, as soon as we pulled into the drive the clouds parted and made way for blue skies and big fluffy white clouds that remained throughout the rest of the day. We already knew Bellissimo Weddings were good at sorting out those little wedding hiccups but this was truly masterful troubleshooting.

Pete and Laura embraced the Bride’s Scottish roots for their day and male guests were encouraged to get their kilts on. Guests were also treated to a recital of a specially penned “Epithalamium” at the start of the wedding breakfast and the evening entertainment took the form of a Ceilidh, lead by folk group Fitty Gomash. A perfect, action-packed day for them and their family and friends.

On to the photos…

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Thank you for all your help over the past few months and for all your beautiful shots.  We will cherish the memories that you have captured and that your photos will mould over the next few years and decades.  Excellent memories of an excellent day.

Laura & Peter

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2 comments on “Laura and Peter’s Wedding at Plush Manor, Dorchester

  • Laura Mackenzie

    Beautiful! Laura was such a stunning bride.

  • Bellissimo Weddings & Events

    So beautiful – we loved planning this wedding and its been wonderful to work with Ian and Emma again – what amazing images you have captured x

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