Wedding Prep Shoot: Helen and Dan

Parley Manor has escaped us until now. This weekend we met up with Helen, Dan and a whole host of their family and friends for a small wedding rehearsal in Christchurch, Dorset. We had a good nose around the grounds and a walk through.

The wedding day is going to take place just before Easter and we’re looking forward to a marquee ceremony and reception. Helen and Dan’s wedding is Parley Manor‘s first of the year!

After the rehearsal we made our way down to the beach for some prep shots. We’d only met Dan that morning so it was a great getting-to-know you session for us all. We were very impressed at their foresight to wear beach hut-complementing pastels.

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2 comments on “Wedding Prep Shoot: Helen and Dan

  • Phill

    Lovely photos. Full of Spring freshness. The magazine style captioning is brilliant.

  • Christian

    Great set of e-photos. Lovely location in amongst the beach huts and the colours definately compliment the shots. I would agree with Phill, great magazine captioning.

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