Our Christmas

Oh, Man… It’s sooo boring when people post up photos of their Christmas Trees on Facebook isn’t it?

Well, there’s absolutely no danger of that from us. Our flat is teeny tiny and we don’t have room for a tree, other than one of those little fake desktop ones. So, every year we have to get a little bit more inventive so our home doesn’t feel bare and depressing. Even then, I spend the time imagining everyone else is having great fun watching their kittens play with their baubles (despite numerous hints to Mr Davenport I don’t have one of THOSE either), or gathered round as a family excitedly collecting the needles that have dropped all over their new carpet. Yeah… Christmas Trees suck anyway!

I was just taking some photos of a super new Finao ONE album which arrived this morning. It’s going to be winging its way to Pippa and Andy before Christmas (it’s a beauty.. I’ll put pictures of it up on our Facebook page as soon as they’ve seen it) and for once, I didn’t get annoyed with our living room being a background. So I took some photos of our decorations at the same time, just to be one of “those” people. It was a good opportunity to show off my new glittery bow tying skills and my homemade Christmas Cake too.



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2 comments on “Our Christmas

  • Leah

    That is Bill Murray, isn’t it?! Brilliant!

    • Emma

      Yes! We couldn’t think of a more worthy person to be framed in gold and hung above our mantelpiece 🙂

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