Our Chosen Charity of 2012: Bumblebee Conservation Trust

At the start of the year we made a couple of resolutions. The first was to learn a skill that wasn’t anything to do with cameras, computers or anything with a touchscreen. This is something I think is so important for us to do and I’m going to pick something new every year.

Not only is it good for the mental state, I strongly believe different skills help each other out even if they’re not closely related. I chose “crochet” (much to my chiropracter’s dismay) – I’ve already made a car granny blanket and I’m now working on a rather ambitious afghan (I’ve made one ace square … only another gazillion to go).

Another thing was to give a little money to a charity we’ve never donated to before, and to use our business to promote a worthy cause. Ian and I have made the decision to make sure Big Bouquet supports a new charity every year. It’s the least we can do.. there’s absolutely no chance in hell of us running a marathon.

So, each summer we’re going to choose a campaign that needs a little help and offer up as much as we can to back them.

Maybe it was a mix of watching too much Springwatch, and the Chelsea Flower Show (and getting increasingly bitter we don’t have a garden) but I’ve really started to get peeved about the landscape around us, and how it’s affecting our local wildlife. We’re surrounded by stark, flowerless balconies with the odd cactus here or there and it seems like such a waste.

Ian and I love animals, all great and small (apart from maybe out-of-proportion, Daddy-long-leg spiders). I’ve been reading up a lot lately on the decline of bees and how they’re struggling to survive without the flowers that provide them with pollen and nectar. Far too many gardens and public spaces are now paved over without any wildflowers for them to feed on. And more wide open spaces in our country are falling victim to intensive agriculture, leaving very little scope for flowers to grow. This makes me sad – especially as we don’t have a garden or any outdoor space and can’t do our bit to grow lots of pretty wild flowers.

I really like honey, and there are loads of other lovely things they help to pollinate – beans, peas, raspberries and tomatoes are just a few. And I like all of those too.

So, last night, we made the decision that the Bumblebee Conservation Trust should be our first chosen charity we support and we pledged a bit of cash to help our furry, winged friends.

It would be great if you could join us in our pledge and help too. If you go to our home page and scroll to the bottom you’ll find a link to the BBCT’s donation page. And if you’re feeling particularly green-fingered and have the space, you could do your bit to grow a few wildflowers in your garden or on your balcony and it could be like our surrogate garden.

There are loads of seed mixes around supported by the RHS, like this Dark Cut Flower Seed Mix or these “Seeds for Helping Bees“.

Please also consider signing this Bee Cause petition in association with Friends of the Earth.

Thanks! – Emma & Ian x

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