Amy and Johnny’s Wedding at Lulworth Castle, Dorset

We were treated to a fantastic day at Lulworth Castle a couple of weeks ago for the wedding of Amy and Johnny. They spent their whole day at the castle, filling it with lots of fun, lovely details and plenty of thoughtful surprises.

We spent possibly a bit too long geeking out with Johnny over their brilliant Lost-themed seating plan, even if we did disagree with him over the quality of the show’s ending. However, he regained respect from us by pulling off the sweetest, most romantic gesture over the wedding breakfast – a surprise sing-song speech to his new wife, Amy. It was a bit emotional.

Later on, we hear Johnny was asked to sing the song again along with their evening band. They kindly learnt the tune that night! But then again.. having worked with The Brightside Band, we already knew they go the extra mile.

Here are some photos from their day. Oh, and we’ve also twigged it’s Amy’s birthday today too. Happy Birthday, Amy! We hope you’re both having an amazing honeymoon x

We just wanted to say how incredible the pictures are. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done. We knew that the pictures were going to turn out amazing but seriously… we’re at a loss for words.

Without sounding like a broken record, we couldn’t of wished to have met two nicer people and we will forever be recommending you.

Amy & Johnny

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One comment on “Amy and Johnny’s Wedding at Lulworth Castle, Dorset

  • Sofia

    Wow this wedding was sooo beautiful! I wanted to get married at this place, now that I have seen your pictures I’m sure this will be the right place!
    These pictures inspired me & Congratulations 🙂

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