Lydia and Andy’s Wedding Prep near Stourhead

We’ve shot weddings at Chaffeymoor Grange many times before, but so far have yet to explore any of the pretty surrounding churches nearby. Last week we made our way around the winding roads near Bourton, weaving in and out of Dorset and Somerset to visit St Stephen’s Church where Lydia and Andy are getting married. After their ceremony they’ll be making their way back to Chaffeymoor for a party in the grounds of the house. They have lots of lovely things planned.

We left behind a blue-skied Bournemouth and drove into an increasingly murky land. None of us really knew where we were, but we’d spotted a convenient woodland walk after a bit of investigative Ordnance Survey and Google mapping so headed there. We used the spooky-looking King Alfred’s Tower as a landmark. So spooky was it in fact, we didn’t feel it appropriate for a pre-wedding shoot as it stood shrouded in mist and we pegged it as far as we could in the opposite direction.

Here are some photos from our walk…

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