With yet another Winter filled with grey skies, incessant wind and rain we went in search of crisp, cold adventure. Previously, we’ve always headed South. Thinking about it, the furthest north I’d ever been was probably Alton Towers.

So, it was with excitement (and a bit of apprehension) we headed around 4.5 hours North flying time to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland.

Rovaniemi is the official home of Father Christmas and the capital of Lapland. But it’s very easy to avoid the looping Christmas Carol soundtracks. Head out of the city and in around 20 minutes you can be the only person standing in a silent forest.

February looked like the ideal time to venture up there and we were proved right. The ground was covered in up to a metre of soft snow and lakes and rivers were (for the most part) completely frozen and safe to walk on.

We had 4 adventurous days exploring the landscape. We went in search of the Northern Lights (and found them!), donned snow shoes, made friends with Reindeer and went on a forest expedition with excitable huskies. Even a mundane trip out to stock up on biscuits and milk required wearing Merino base layers with temperatures averaging between -8 and -17°C.… Read Full Post