Ali & Helen’s Wedding at Poole Guildhall & Shell Bay, Studland

Helen and Ali had us along for one of our Short & Sweet days recently taking in their morning preps, wedding ceremony and drinks reception. The morning started off with bridal preps at the lovely Hotel Du Vin in Poole, where we worked alongside our friends Amazing Face.

Their ceremony took place at Poole Guildhall just a short drive away from the hotel. The morning had been lovely and sunny but as soon as Helen and her Bridesmaid’s opened the door to walk down the aisle to “Here Comes The Sun” the heavens opened and it absolutely poured it down.

It was so torrential entire wedding party had to squeeze in to the bottom floor of the open top bus to take the over the Sandbanks Ferry to Studland as the bus to the stairs acted as a waterfall. It took everyone really by surprise and hadn’t been forecast at all but was a fun and memorable moment.

Ali and Helen had a drier ride in Dorset Dub Hire’s VW Camper sipping champagne to Shell Bay Restaurant with a brief stop at Evening Hill along the way.

After a bit of drinks reception we then made our way over to the beach at Studland for a few photos of the newlyweds before leaving them to enjoy their food and the rest of their day overlooking Brownsea Island.… Read Full Post

Chris & Emily’s Wedding at Upton House and Sandbanks Hotel, Poole

We’ve had a bit of a wet and unseasonal peak Summer week of weddings. All of them have been by the seaside and have either been incredibly windy or very wet. Luckily for us though, we’ve been in the company of some great couples who haven’t been afraid to get out, arm themselves with umbrellas or entire cans of Elnette to make the most of their day.

Chris and Emily’s wedding set the trend. Their day was held in Poole with a ceremony at Upton House in Upton Country Park followed by a reception at The Sandbanks Hotel.

The day started with Emily getting ready at the hotel with the help of Amazing Face taking car of hair and make-up.

A little drive away the ceremony was held at Upton Country Park followed by a short drinks reception. We made use of the excellent scope of the house for photos before the rain set in for the day.

The wedding party travelled to the Sandbanks Hotel by bus (one of my old school buses no less – the distinctive Reg plate was a dead give-away and made me chuckle. To be honest, I’m surprised it’s still road-worthy the way we used to treat it back in the day!).… Read Full Post

Chris & Emily’s Wedding Prep at Sandbanks Beach

We were rather glad we were meeting up with Chris and Emily at the weekend to escape our home. Temperatures were set at a steady 30-degrees in the office. We’d got through more Jubbly ice lollies than is healthy and spent far too much money on fans to dot around.

A sit-down to go through wedding timings with a cool shandy and air conditioning at The Sandbanks Hotel was just the ticket and a little paddle made everything much better again.

Emily and Chris braced the summer crowds for a walk on Sandbanks beach for their prep shoot as we made plans for their day in a few weeks time.

They’re getting married at Upton House before making their way back to the seaside to spend their day with family and friends overlooking the water.

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Clem and Ben’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Upton Country Park, Poole

We are very pleased to be heading back to Harry Warren House a couple of times this year. The venue took a little time out of the wedding world to let their land rest but we sure did miss it whilst it had a bit of a sabbatical.

Clem and Ben’s wedding is going to take place there and they have a super day planned. Their ceremony is being held at the pretty little St Nicholas Church in Studland with their reception being held in a marquee at Harry Warren.

We met up for the first time in person after only previously Skype-ing to have a proper catch-up over the Easter weekend. Clem’s family live in Upton and she had the great idea of meeting their for their prep shoot. It’s somewhere we frequent often walking our dog, but looking at it with photographer eyes for the first time, it has lots more scope for many more visits.

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Amy and Luke’s Wedding Prep in Poole

We met up with Amy and Luke this weekend to talk through their wedding day details and go for a bit of a wander around Poole.

They’re getting married next month and are having their winter wedding at Sopley Mill and we’ll be joining them for part of their special day.

Here are some photos from our walk around Old Town.

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Charlotte and Ben’s Wedding at RNLI College, Poole

Charlotte and Ben’s Wedding Day took place at the RNLI College in Poole – a charity venue where money from every wedding goes towards training and helping save lives at sea. The whole day was spent at the College overlooking the water.

The day was a little damp in parts with some downpours throughout the day. Though that worked in our favour as it meant after dinner we were able to head over to Sandbanks for some photos on the beach without too much of a crowd (the week before it was so busy getting there would have been impossible).

Some great wedding suppliers helped the day run smoothly and it was great to work with Dorset Dub Hire and Amazing Face again. Special mention should also go to the band for the evening, Soulstar who put on an energetic show and got everyone moving on the dancefloor.

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Charlotte and Ben’s Wedding Prep Shoot in Poole

Charlotte and Ben are getting married next month at the RNLI College in Poole. The whole day is going to be spent there and as keen divers they were very pleased to find a wedding venue that will fund the lifeboat crews and lifeguards.

We met up on one of the hottest days we’ve had so far this year and it was lovely to spend some time cooling down near the water, although the wind really had whipped up! After a look around the College we headed to Baiter for a little walk around the harbour’s edge.

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Emma and Colin’s Wedding at Richmond Hill United Reformed Church and The Italian Villa

We took in a fair few places for Emma and Colin’s Wedding. Things started over in Hamworthy with Emma’s bridal preps taking place at her Mum and Dad’s home along with close family members and her bridesmaids.

Meanwhile, after some last minute preparations at Colin’s parent’s home the groomsmen enjoyed their time before the ceremony at The Dancing Jug in the centre of Bournemouth.

Despite a promising blue sky in the morning the day was a little bit damp and gloomy. Good job then that the wedding had so many colourful details including bright coral bridesmaids dresses.

After the church ceremony at the Richmond Hill United Reformed Church just off Bournemouth Square everyone made their way to the Italian Villa at Compton Acres where they spent the rest of the day celebrating and eating Emma’s homemade fudge and her sister’s impressive first wedding cake.

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Emma and Colin’s Wedding Prep Shoot in Sandbanks

We met up with Emma and Colin on a sunny but windy evening in Sandbanks for their prep shoot. We’d already had to ditch one attempt at a shoot as it was a gale-force gloom-fest so we were so pleased it turned out nice for ‘Take 2’.

We dodged the huge jellyfish on Shore Road beach and then popped over the road to catch the last glimmer of sun.

Emma and Colin are getting married soon at Richmond Hill United Reformed Church in Bournemouth Town Centre followed by a reception at Compton Acres in Poole and we’re popping along for the day.

Here are some photos from their beachy prep shoot.

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Tia and Phil’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Sandbanks

Tia and Phil have had a rather action-packed couple of weeks. They got married yesterday at Chaffeymoor Grange and, after flying in from their home town of Jakarta at the start of the week after celebrating their Indonesian wedding, we met each other for the first time in the week.

We had quite a lot to talk about as we put together the scheduling for this yesterday’s wedding in record-breaking time.

Although not quite as exotic as Indonesia, Poole put on a bit of a show with some of the loveliest evening light we’ve seen this year. Here are some photos from their prep shoot, with more from yesterday’s wedding to follow soon…

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Greg and Louise’s Engagement Shoot – Poole, Dorset

Greg and Louise got in touch with us as they were looking for some photos to celebrate their recent engagement. They’re not getting married for a little while yet, so this was purely a time to have fun together and get some special photos in a place they know well and love.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with feeling a connection with big, picturesque and iconic landscapes. Living near so many beautiful beaches and locations these places do play a part in our lives – somewhere we’re able to escape to. But strip that back and think on a more personal level and I bet there are loads of little nooks and crannies in towns where you grew up which, to an outsider, seem quite ordinary, but to you feel truly beautiful.

It could be a hidden little alleyway you used to use to practice roller skating in when you were little, or a park you now escape to from work on your lunch break – the same park which, in a previous life, you were taken to play in by your parents and later, drank cider and hung around in with your mates on a summer’s evening. You know it so well you stop noticing the mundane and it starts to become magical.… Read Full Post

Sarah and James’ Wedding Prep Shoot in Sandbanks

After a little winter sabbatical we shot our first wedding prep this weekend with Sarah and James. It was good to be back behind the camera and filling our shoes with sand again! Sarah and James are getting married this month in Bournemouth and we’re excited to be joining them, both for their church ceremony and their party at the end of Bournemouth Pier at Key West.

These two are ace. The weather at the weekend was diabolical – really only suitable for donning pyjamas and working through a box set. But, as these two had made the trip down from Birmingham, on a little tour of the South, we were all determined not to be defeated and to get on the beach. We were delighted they weren’t bothered at all by a bit of drizzle and sea spray. Here’s how they turned out…

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