Holidaying in Malta

Thanks to a bit of a random pick from Google Flights we ended up in Malta for our Birthday and Wedding Anniversary trip. It’s a pretty nifty resource if you want to get away at a certain time, but you’re not too set on a destination.

Cheap flights secured, we opted to stay in Valletta after stumbling on the lovely Trabuxu Boutique Living. We were so glad we did. It really is a gem of a B&B and we loved the location, sitting out on our little balcony and watching the locals get groceries delivered using a basket and long rope.

We had a great time pottering around for a few days. Malta is so easy to get around thanks to great bus routes (though sadly the beautiful old Maltese buses are no more). It’s also packed full of history and we spent our days wandering around numerous Palazzi, museums, churches, caves and war bunkers.

We were really impressed with the choice of places to eat in Valletta and we also chanced upon Notte Bianca, a festival that takes places throughout the city where all the state palaces and museums open their doors late into the evening.

Everyone was so friendly in Malta and it was a very comfortable and enjoyable trip.… Read Full Post