Robyn & Joshua’s Wedding Prep at Hengistbury Head

Robyn and Josh are getting married in early 2018 and we’ll be joining them at Sopley Mill for one of our Short and Sweet days.

On a bit of a chilly November day we met up at Hengistbury Head for a chat about their wedding, a cup of tea and a walk down to the beach huts for some photos.

Although we’ve been down there quite a lot this year for shoots and walks I think this is the first time we’ve ventured down in the Autumn. It’s about a 20 minute walk down to the very end of the spit but that walk takes you through some lovely woodland. We stopped there on the way back for a couple of snaps among the fallen leaves.

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Emma & Ben’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Hengistbury Head

We were lucky enough to venture down to Hengistbury Head on another beautiful evening. Emma and Ben are getting married soon at The Master Builders Hotel in Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu and we’re looking forward to heading back to this picturesque setting.

We were due to meet there for their prep but after seeing photos from Ross & Nicola’s Wedding Prep Shoot a couple of weeks ago Emma asked if we could head back down to the beach huts for theirs. We can’t say we blame them! The light was beautiful that afternoon and we felt like we were in New England rather than Dorset. And just after we’d called it a wrap and started walking back to the car the light went bonkers. The sight of it streaming through the trees was spellbinding and we had to get them to de-coat for a few more photos.

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Ross & Nicola’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Hengistbury Head

Ross and Nicola are getting married next month with a church ceremony at St Michael and All Angels Church in Hinton Admiral and a wedding reception at Barford Park.

We’ve had a little bit of a heads up as to how their wedding day’s going to pan out as they asked Ian to design their wedding invitations over at Swash and Fold. They have some great plans lined up for their day, making use of the barn and its excellent scope for a DIY wedding.

After not having much luck with the weather lately we were positively ecstatic at being able to wander in the late afternoon Spring sunshine and around the beach huts at Hengistbury Head.

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Jo & Ricky’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Hengistbury Head

Jo and Ricky are getting married this Autumn at Sopley Mill and we’ll be joining them to capture the whole day. We love an Autumn wedding and being held the day before Bonfire Night we’re sure there will be plenty of fun ways to see in the earlier night!

We met up for a little walk down to Hengistbury Head to talk through their day plans and spend some time wandering around the beach huts.

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Sarah and Adam’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Hengistbury Head

Sarah and Adam came down to visit us this weekend from their home in London. They’re getting married in a few weeks at Priston Mill near Bath and we’re excited to start this year’s wedding season with them.

The weather was nuts this weekend but we were determined to go on a walk down to the beach huts around Hengistbury Head and Mudeford. Luckily, the sun came out when we needed it to and we didn’t get too wet. Good job Sarah had kitted herself up with her Wedding Wellies.

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Emily and Simon’s Wedding Prep at Hengistbury Head, Dorset

On a bit of a gloomy and windy day this weekend Emily and Simon came down to visit us at Hengistbury Head for their wedding prep.

They’re getting married in October at Chaffeymoor Grange but loved the idea of visiting the seaside for some prep shots as they don’t have the luxury of running through sand in their home town.

Doused in Citronella (the insects around Mudeford are slowly killing us) we walked down to the beach huts for some photos. Emily and Simon were troopers coping with the near gale-force winds as we found some tucked away spots.

The shoot was put on hold for around ten minutes as we had to deal with a sleepy bee who was determined to go to sleep on Ian. Like a bee badge. It was really bizarre. Emily quite rightly pointed out he’d probably heard about our recent charity support and knew we were his friend.

We needn’t have worried about whether these two were feeling uncomfortable in the cold and the wind. After making our way back to the car they asked if they could get their running gear on for a few more sporty shots. These two were fast so I had to quickly get into sports photographer mode.… Read Full Post

Tom and Faye’s Wedding Prep at Hengistbury Head

Tom and Faye met up with us on a warm weekend, late afternoon for a stroll down Hengistbury Head. They’re getting married next month at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel – quite fitting really as you can see the hotel from over the water.

The air was filled with Eau De Barbecue giving a nice hazy, holiday feel to everything. Lovely.

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Steph and Tom’s Wedding Prep at Hengistbury Head, Dorset

Steph and Tom are getting married soon at Athelhampton House near Dorchester. But that’s nowhere near the beach and they really like the beach. So, we decided to have a hot chocolate by the seaside and go for a wander around the beach huts for their wedding prep instead.

One evening last week we made our way down to Hengistbury Head for a little jolly before the sun went down. Here’s what we came up with:

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Sara and Hadi’s Bournemouth Wedding Prep

It was a lovely weekend, and where better to spend those last moments of sunshine than on the beach.

After a bit of wedding prepping with Sara and Hadi at the Orchid Hotel in Bournemouth we all ventured over to Hengistbury Head for a little photo shoot in the late afternoon sun. These two were great sports, running down hills and standing in wet sand. I think I took half the beach home with me in my plimsolls.

The days will be getting longer come the time of their wedding so we hope to get in a bit more beach action on the day!

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Leigh and Doug’s Rock the Frock Shoot

At the start of this month we had an enquiry from Leigh and Doug asking whether it would be possible to arrange a post-wedding portrait shoot somewhere near to Bournemouth. Their wedding took place in Yorkshire last year and although we weren’t on their radar for that event, they got in touch after wanting some shots to put up in their home, taken where they both went to University.

We knew we’d have to work quite fast if we wanted to fit this in before the winter set in and it would be too cold venture out in a strapless bridal gown. So, after a couple of phone calls we arranged to meet up for the first time on the morning of the shoot. Leigh had sorted it for her hair to be made-up by a friend and after an introductory coffee and a quick change we bundled them into our car and set off for our afternoon adventure.

Poor Leigh and Doug must have thought we were absolutely mad when we suggested we take the Noddy Train (or as Leigh calls it, the “Wally Trolley”) down to the beach. I have to say, I did start questioning our own sanity when we piled into the mini children’s carriage, complete with mini chain to stop us from falling out.… Read Full Post