Leah and Joseph’s Wedding in East Dulwich and Devonport House

Leah and Joseph’s Wedding was a very personal day spent with family and friends in South London.

Their ceremony was conducted by Leah’s own Godfather at St John’s in East Dulwich with their reception a bus ride away at Devonport House in Greenwich.

Joseph is part of a huge family with twelve brothers and sisters so much of the wedding party were close family, with many playing a part in the day either as Bridesmaids, Ushers, Pianists and Quizmasters

We kept a close eye on the preparations for this wedding with Joe and Leah Instagram-ing their progress – they put so much work into the decor for their day, hand-making all the pompoms, flags and streamers. They were so organised and we were super impressed at the fact they even thought of doing a ceiling plan!

The real fun started when guests sat down for their dinner and quiz. Leah and Joe like their TV, films and music as much as we do and we found out on the day we share similar taste in plenty of things. We had great fun hunting out little obscure quotes on their table setting flags. We also got secretly competitive playing their quiz in our heads and we were sad we couldn’t play along.… Read Full Post

Leah and Joe’s Wedding Prep Shoot in Greenwich

It was quite fitting we headed up to Greenwich last week to meet up with Leah and Joe for their wedding prep. That morning we rose early and headed down to the beach for the unspectacular spectacle that was the Eclipse / Cloud Fest. As soon as that had finished we headed up to London and took some photos at the foot of the Royal Observatory. The clouds parted and the sun acted like a right show off after hiding all morning.

Leah and Joe are getting married in East Dulwich with a church service conducted by Leah’s Godfather. They’re then going to make their way to their reception at Devonport House near Queen’s House in Greenwich. The area is so pretty and so unique with plenty of open space and a great view of London town.

Here are some photos from our little walk…

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