Alex and Annette’s Wedding Day at Larmer Tree Gardens – Part One

Alex and Annette have lots of things in common with us; a love of a certain pirate-themed point-and-click computer game, the general worshipping of Dr Buckles and Dr Sexy (that’s Adam and Joe to you), a tendency to listen to songs from the soundtrack from the film Labyrinth as well as a passion for less cool things …like cross-stitching. The list goes on.

We first became acquainted through Twitter a couple of years back and it gradually dawned on us that not only did we like lots of the same things, we also knew some of the same people. It just seemed weird how our paths hadn’t crossed sooner. So it made us happy when we got this enquiry through our website:

“Our venue is the Larmer Tree Gardens. They have multiple ponds, deck chairs, giant jenga, peacocks and the second biggest monkey head I’ve ever seen*.

P.S Please say yes

May not be true”

Obviously we said “yes”.

One thing stood out during our day with them at the Larmer Tree and that was how enthusiastic and supportive all their family and guests were. Everyone had such a ball and it was obvious they were all so glad these two had finally gotten round to getting hitched.

The day kicked off with morning preps in Merley and Ringwood. Firstly, I should apologise to Annette’s Dad who I gather had spent a long time getting the back garden neat and trimmed ready for my arrival… only for me to head straight for the pile of stones hidden around the side of the house. It was just crying out for a pair of bridal shoes to be photographed on it!

Meanwhile, Ian met up with Alex and his parents’ house to photograph whatever it is men do before a wedding (from experience this mostly involves failing to conquer button holes and buffet-eating).

The bridal party made their way to Larmer Tree in a VW Camper Van whilst Annette and her Dad travelled in a Hackney Carriage Taxi. The taxi had a hole in it, plugged up with a toy mouse.

Annette was STUPIDLY excited about marrying Alex. There was a lot of cheering, jumping, air-punching and skipping going on.

The ceremony took place in the Larmer Tree’s Pavilion building. Having been there on exactly the same day just a week before we’d already made friends with the registrars.

Post-ceremony beer. I have to agree with Annette on this… there is nothing more refreshing and needed. Champagne simply doesn’t quench that thirst.

Having said that, who says Champagne, Beer and Mint Choc Chip ice-cream don’t mix?

Continues in Part Two

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