Wedding Prep Shots: Gemma and Chris

We went Purbeck-side this weekend to meet up with Gemma and Chris and have a chat about their wedding which will take place at the Church of St Edward, Corfe Castle with a reception at the lovely Kingston Country Courtyard. We couldn’t think of a better place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon and we were happy to have a play around the bottom of the garden for a little tester shoot.

We probably won’t be able to get this far down into the field on the wedding day though as it involves climbing up a stone wall – wedding gear isn’t really designed for that.

Oh, and for the record. If you, like me, suffer from severe hayfever, messing around in a field of long grass probably isn’t the wisest idea.

We’re looking forward to your wedding you two!

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One comment on “Wedding Prep Shots: Gemma and Chris

  • Peter Lawson

    Beautiful shots. You’ve got some of that strange blue stuff in the sky here, I think it might be spreading too – we’ve seen it up north these past few days. Should I be alarmed, is there a special number to call?

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