Wedding Prep Shoot: Jessica and Andy

Don’t let the bright, glorious sun in these photos fool you. It was SO cold when we met up with Jessica and Andy for their wedding prep. Kudos goes to them for being sporting enough to take off their coats in some of the pics whilst I shivered in a massive padded jacket.

It’s become a bit of a trademark / weird obsession for us to break the ice with our couples by taking them on the Noddy Train down to the picture-perfect Hengistbury Head (ssshhh…sometimes, Ian and I catch the Bournemouth Noddy Train back from town when we’ve been shopping and can’t be bothered to walk back. Don’t tell anyone! I love ’em) In fairness, it was Jessica and Andy’s request to venture down to the spot and all piling into the plywood carriage of a children’s road train seemed like the warmest and quickest option.

In just a few week’s time these guys will be getting wed at Athelhampton House about an hour’s drive from the beach. It’s not really feasible for us to get to the seaside on the wedding day so we had an engagement session on the sand during our preps instead. Here are some shots from our Sunday morning session.

Too daring for my liking, jumping from slippery rocks five weeks before your Wedding Day 😉

We can’t wait to shoot at Athelhampton House with you Jessica and Andy!

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3 comments on “Wedding Prep Shoot: Jessica and Andy

  • Phill

    There’s a positively Mediterranean glow in the air here (and in the hair too). Lovely, shiny, bright photos. Happy stuff :~)

  • Gill Green

    Just beautiful pictures I may be biased being the groom’s mother butI don’t think so. They look very relaxed and so happy. Then that’s because they are.

  • Stacey Hayes (nee Crawford)

    Stunning photographs! So beautiful.. Can’t wait for the 9th April… Love bridesmaid Stacey!xxx

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