Emily and Simon’s Wedding Prep at Hengistbury Head, Dorset

On a bit of a gloomy and windy day this weekend Emily and Simon came down to visit us at Hengistbury Head for their wedding prep.

They’re getting married in October at Chaffeymoor Grange but loved the idea of visiting the seaside for some prep shots as they don’t have the luxury of running through sand in their home town.

Doused in Citronella (the insects around Mudeford are slowly killing us) we walked down to the beach huts for some photos. Emily and Simon were troopers coping with the near gale-force winds as we found some tucked away spots.

The shoot was put on hold for around ten minutes as we had to deal with a sleepy bee who was determined to go to sleep on Ian. Like a bee badge. It was really bizarre. Emily quite rightly pointed out he’d probably heard about our recent charity support and knew we were his friend.

We needn’t have worried about whether these two were feeling uncomfortable in the cold and the wind. After making our way back to the car they asked if they could get their running gear on for a few more sporty shots. These two were fast so I had to quickly get into sports photographer mode. At one point I actually found myself catching my breath even though I’d only bent down to take a photo – I think I need to get my trainers on more often too.

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One comment on “Emily and Simon’s Wedding Prep at Hengistbury Head, Dorset

  • Emily

    Thank you Emma and Ian, we had great fun with you and love the photos! x

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