Emma & Ben’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Hengistbury Head


We were lucky enough to venture down to Hengistbury Head on another beautiful evening. Emma and Ben are getting married soon at The Master Builders Hotel in Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu and we’re looking forward to heading back to this picturesque setting.

We were due to meet there for their prep but after seeing photos from Ross & Nicola’s Wedding Prep Shoot a couple of weeks ago Emma asked if we could head back down to the beach huts for theirs. We can’t say we blame them! The light was beautiful that afternoon and we felt like we were in New England rather than Dorset. And just after we’d called it a wrap and started walking back to the car the light went bonkers. The sight of it streaming through the trees was spellbinding and we had to get them to de-coat for a few more photos.

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