Sara + Mark’s Wedding in Emery Down, Hampshire – Part One

If it wasn’t for Dirty Cash by Stevie V you might not be reading this blog right now, and Sara and Mark wouldn’t be living the life of camper van luxury in Canada (jealous). We also probably wouldn’t know anything about the wonderful venue that is the Minstead Manor Estate. Sara knows all the words to the rap and so impressed was our Mark he just had to get that girl’s number.

Sara and Mark are always out and about whenever they’re not at work. They rack up so many Foursquare points every week it can make a hermit wedding photographer feel a bit embarrassed. They own the most gorgeous Bell Tent and aren’t afraid of camping. So it made absolute sense for them to have a wedding somewhere outdoorsy, with a camp fire, hay bales and Shepherd’s Huts.

Things started in Lyndhurst where I met up with Sara and the girls at Evolve Hairdressers. They’d laid out pastries and strawberries and did an expert job (check out the little plaits on Sara’s bun – love it!). Meanwhile, Ian met up with the boys at the Lyndhurst Park Hotel (mostly to photograph them trying to work out how to put a tie on).

Everyone wore custom Converse – even the bride. But as she’s well known for being nuts about running it was only right she kept her trainers on.

Special mention to Sara and Mark’s neighbour who raised a massive Union Jack in his front garden to add a bit of pomp to their road. Bless ‘im.

Here’s what happened in the morning and at the church:

More Converse, Shepherd Huts and Mario Pocket Watch action in Part Two.

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7 comments on “Sara + Mark’s Wedding in Emery Down, Hampshire – Part One

  • hazel hardman

    magic!!! great coverage guys..great concept/idea…keep up the good work

  • Adele

    Amazing, what lovely photos, they really capture the day and Sara and Mark.

  • Auntie Lin

    What beautiful photos! You have managed to get the feel of an amazing day in lovely pictures. Mark and Sara should be thrilled.

  • Nannie & Grandpa Power

    The Beautiful Photographs match the Perfect Day The Memories we will always Cherish

  • Sara and Mark

    Amazing photos – we are so pleased with these photos. They really capture the day and the massive wedding hype!! So great to see all the little moments of everyone that you captured – fantastic; couldn’t be happier xx

  • Karen Bowen

    Great photos. can’t wait to see the next part.

  • Julie Collins

    Happiness in every shot — beautiful couple with only good things ahead!

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