Wedding Album: Adam and Gemma’s Finao ONE

We worked alongside Adam and Gemma to create this 12″ Finao ONE as a keepsake for their wedding day.

Adam and Gemma’s wedding was very craft-heavy with plenty of delicate, paisley-esque patterns. On the day, they weren’t afraid to get adventurous with plenty of mixed patterns and colours. The obvious choice for a cover was to go for a silk brocade. They opted for a powdery blue “Nehru” brocade (although when it catches the light it does vary in tone and can look quite silvery). This had a 5″ cutout to feature Gemma’s very pretty wedding bouquet.

Both for practical reasons, and to act as a contrast, the spine was made in a beautiful, bouncy “Dulche De Leche” leather, making it a very sturdy album.



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