Sara and Mark’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Sika Trail – Wareham, Dorset

Sara and Mark are active types. You know the sort – the ones that do that thing where you put one foot in front of another and go really fast. They have proper outdoor coats and walking shoes and a real GPS (not just one on their phones) and everything.

Ian and I may not be as willing or able to gather up Nike Fuelpoints but we know how to Geocache. So that’s what we did for their wedding prep shoot.

They’re getting married next month with a reception at the marvellous New Forest Outdoor Centre on the Minstead Manor Estate. We’ve been to have a look round with them and it is jaw-droppingly ace and a good place for a party.

If you’re not familiar with Geocaching.. it’s basically a treasure hunt. There are boxes (known as Caches) dotted around the world. You have to use a GPS device or a smartphone to find them. Inside the box is a little logbook you sign and sometimes there are little trinkets inside as treasure.

We’d found the Cache at Sika Trail before so we let Sara and Mark do all the work and snapped them as they went along. Ian and I just observed them like Nick and Karen from The Apprentice.

This was all quite appropriate as Sara’s engagement ring was in a fake cache that’s now live. And as luck would have it there was a ring in the box of this one at Sika Trail too!


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12 comments on “Sara and Mark’s Wedding Prep Shoot at Sika Trail – Wareham, Dorset

  • Fazackarley of the Simon

    Great stuff guys! beautiful processing – Looks like a fun day out =)

  • Auntie Lin

    Gorgeous pics! Can’t wait for THE day!

  • Nannie & Grandpa Power

    Everything is just lovely could not be nicer

  • Sara & Mark

    We love the photos – they are amazing! thank-you so much xx

  • Sara & Mark

    We love the photos – they are amazing! It was a lovely afternoon out and we got lucky enough that the sun came out too. Thank-you so much xx

  • Coral n Tony

    Love the piccies;Looks like a perfect match to me.Looking forward to next month.Much Love.XXX

  • Uncle Jim and Auntie Jackie in Oz

    What a brilliant idea! The photos are really beautiful. Best of luck for the future. 16/5/2012.

  • Mum piggott

    Beautiful pictures. Looking forward to the day now x

  • hardman family

    Beaut pics,wonderful location. We know it will be a fairytale wedding. Love Hazel Bob Lee n Neil xx

  • Adele

    What lovely photos, you both look so happy xx

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful photos, what a fun session and gorgeous location.

  • Nicky & Steve

    Just had a look at the pics one something bigger than my phone and they are even more fab now we can see them in large format. Gorgeous pics guys. We can’t wait for the end of the month, woohoo! xx

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