The one where we were guests…

Last Saturday’s wedding was one with a difference. As although I still had my camera on me  (Ian was granted most of the day off) I was predominantly a guest with a new dress, haircut, heels and everything! Of course, it would be insane to let a friend’s wedding go by without offering to take some photographs for them. It was very exciting, this was the first wedding I’ve been too where I’ve known so many people and all the in jokes during the Best Man’s Speech. A total Busman’s Holiday.

Dom and Rosalind really wanted a relaxed day, taking things easy with a late ceremony at the Cumberland Hotel and plenty of time to enjoy the morning and the early afternoon with fry-ups and pub visits.

We started things off at 1pm with a visit to our favourite local, Daisy’s… Where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came! Dom is an ex-colleague of mine and this was a regularly frequented haunt for us and all our other work buddies, so it was a fitting start to the day. It’s also where Ian and I met! This place means a lot to all of us.

Dom, the Groom giving a pub lecture to the Best Man, Rob and other wedding guests.

You know you’re in a proper pub when the ceiling is adorned with old cigarette smoke and a bike.

Pre-wedding jitters sorted we made our way to the Cumberland Hotel, Bournemouth where the wedding took place in the Oceana Suite. The Cumberland has an Art Deco style with a twist. Sci-Fi Art Deco. The Bride and Groom are given the chance to choose a colour theme for the ceremony room with its crazy dome that subtly changes shade over time.

The lobby is a cool place for a wedding party to hang out! Here’s where the post-ceremony drinks were to take place…

And here’s the Reception room…

It made sense for me to pop up to take some Groom prep shots rather than the usual Bridal preps, good job I did as these guys had no idea how to prepare a buttonhole. Tssk.

There was time for a little pre-ceremony rehearsal before all the guests were seated. It was starting to get dark by now as the Ceremony didn’t take place until 4 o’ clock.

Rosalind’s Mum did a great reading, although interrupted once by a small voice in the back piping up “can we go now?”. Hehe.

You did a sterling job with the rings, Rob!

Rosalind’s Dad quipped to Dom “that’s the last time you’ll have the upper hand”.

In the reception room things were ready for the evening buffet and speeches.

There was a heartfelt speech from Rosalind’s friend. It was a lovely moment.

Always good to see a bride not afraid to take control of the microphone.

I know for a fact Best Man, Rob has always dabbled with the idea of doing stand-up. He proved he can deliver a well-paced and witty speech… you should do it, Rob!

After our buffet it was amazing how time had flown, it was 8 o’clock already, and you know what that means – First Dance!

After that, and once my camera had been packed away we set up our Photo Tent so all the guests could take their own photographs throughout the night. A bit like a Photo Booth (but without actually getting into it) folks are able to take their own shots using a timer-release foot button! It’s always great fun to watch as even the most camera shy of people seem to forget their inhibitions when they’re in charge.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Brookman x

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6 comments on “The one where we were guests…

  • Laura Lawson

    Awesome pictures! What a lucky couple to have such skilled friends :-) The Photo Tent ROCKS!

  • James Pearson

    Superb photographs – if you hadn’t said it then I would never have known you were a ‘guest with a camera’ – fantastic coverage and I love the Photo Tent results!

  • Susie Lawrence

    This looks like a great wedding and the fact that you were predominantly ‘guest’ gives them a special ‘friendly’ quality. Beautiful. I LOVE the photo tent idea!

  • Stuart James

    Awesome work here guys – absolutely love the quality of the tones in the images and the Photo Tent truly rocks! Awesome!!!

  • Chris Mackenzie

    Fantatic work Emma. The photo tent looks so much fun.I love the story you have managed to capture of the day.

  • Phillip Allen

    Such a crisply woven and colourful story. The images are fantastic. I bet groom’s preps are somewhat amusing in comparison to the multi-tasking magic of a bride’s :~)

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